Gate Designs

No matter which style of gate you’re looking for, J & J Gates Service and Design has the perfect option for you! Do you have limited space?

Want something a little more decorative and unique?

Our expert installers can help you find the ideal type of gate design for your property. We want to ensure that your home or business is both secure and aesthetically pleasing. With several options to choose from, you can find the perfect style, color, material, and gate designs that you enjoy.

Whether you need residential or commercial gates, call J & J Gates Service and Design at 817-466-2794 for questions and assistance!

Arched Gatesarched gate design

These gates use, as the name suggests, an arch at the top which can turn a boring gate into one that has a more aesthetic appeal. We can design them out of wood, steel, aluminum, or several other materials.

Bell Gatesbell gate design

Some gates use a bell-shaped curve to enhance their eye appeal. They combine those with flat tops and those with arched tops to form their unique shape. They are lower on the edges, higher in the middle, and usually open in a French door style.

Flat Top Gatesflat top gate design

Gates with a flat top are simplistic and are often used in commercial applications because they are usually less expensive and we can construct them from many different kinds of materials.

Custom Gate DesignCustom Gates

Need a custom gate built for your property? Check out some of our custom design work! J&J Gates can help you create and build a gate that is unique to your home.

Swinging GatesWooden Swing Gate

A swinging gate opens and closes by using a hinge. They are commonly used in residential applications because they fit nicely in places with limited space.

Sliding GatesCommercial Sliding Gate

A sliding gate works on a track to slide open and closed. They require extra space parallel to the entryway but are great in cases where it is impossible for them to swing open.