4 Types of Security Gates

What’s more exciting than working on the next upgrade to your property? If you’ve decided that’s going to be an automatic driveway security gate, you’ve got some more decisions to make.

Here are the top kinds of security gates, and some of the ins and outs of each:

  1. Vertical Pivot Gates

These gates get used pretty rarely. But they’re necessary when you can’t use a swing or slide gate.

To understand how they work, poke your arm straight out from your body to either the left or right. It should be almost parallel to the ground. Now move it so your fingers point straight upwards.

When you have 8 feet or longer of steel pointing straight up in the air, it’s fairly impressive for your visitors to see. They cost a lot to install, but are well worth it if you have the budget.

There’s a couple variations on these too:

You can get just a single gate that covers your entire driveway. Or, you can have two gates meet together in the middle as they close.

The nice thing is these gates are probably the most secure that you can install – which is why you see them protecting so many industrial complexes.

  1. Slide Gates

Just as their name sounds – they slide open and closed. In general, maintenance is difficult with them, and they’re a little noisier than other kinds of gates. They also have a sensitive track that needs to be kept clear of debris so they don’t derail or get stuck.

Not ideal. But in some situations where other gates don’t work, they may be all you can use.

  1. Swing Gates

This is the classic type of gate you think of when entering any new home or property. Customers in general prefer them if possible.

They’re gorgeous to look at, don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they rarely malfunction.

  1. Manual Vs. Automatic Gates

Now the vast majority of customers want gates that swing automatically. However, you can still get ones that open manually.

But it’s inconvenient. Do you really want to stop your car, open your gate, get back in your car, stop it again, and then close it every time you leave or come home? And do you want to make your visitors do that?

Pretty obnoxious, right?

And it’s not nearly as cool as a gate that opens with the push of a button! But they are still out there.

Anyway, those are some choices you have to make when you install your security gate.