8 Reasons to have your automatic gate professionally installed

Installing an automatic gate system can be a surprisingly complicated procedure and it’s essential that those contracted to undertake the work are fully experienced professionals who understand the many issues that can arise. Automatic gates are as variable as the properties to which they are installed, and each set-up needs to be carefully and appropriately configured. Here we’ll take a look at the most important aspects to be aware of when undertaking automatic gate installations and consider a few useful tips to help address any problems that may crop-up.

Slopes & Gradients Need To Be Considered

While it’s not impossible to fit automatic gates on an inclined driveway it can substantially complicate the process. This is mainly an issue with swing gates as it required substantially more mechanical power for them to operate smoothly when based upon an incline, which is why in these cases most reputable service providers will suggest that their client opt for a slider or cantilever system instead.

Power & Durability Are Essential & Must Be Appropriate For The Gates

The weight and size of the gates are going to determine the amount of power required for the system to run satisfactorily. An under-powered system isn’t only going to open slowly, it’ll also wear out far quicker especially with regular use. Clients are always advised to ensure that the machinery being installed is going to be able to handle the selected gates with ease; a simply done process by checking the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Bear in mind that automotive systems installed upon inappropriate gates will likely also invalidate warranty.

Will the Gates Work Without Automation?

An important yet often overlooked factor is considering whether the gates will still be able to be opened and closed manually in the case of a power or system failure. As an additional caveat to this point also consider how easily the gates operate – do they scrape or wobble when being opened? If so it’s important that this is put right before an automatic system is installed.


This is especially important for underground systems, as while machinery is designed to be water resistant it will eventually fail if constantly water-logged. Quality installation engineers will usually be able to find a solution for drainage issues as they tend to be very particular to individual properties, but again it’s important to be aware of this as a potential issue.


Again highly particular to the geographic position of the property, but wind can have a major role to play in undermining the effectiveness, strength and durability of automatic gate systems. Even a light wind can seriously hamper a low-power system, and it’s important that clients discuss this with their engineers. This will not only affect swing gates either – the issue can be as significant with sliding/cantilever set-ups too.

Controls & Access

Technology has advanced rapidly with automatic gates over the past few years, with many people now using GPS technology on their vehicles alongside the traditional keypad/token/radio systems. Consider how access is to be provided not just to authorized vehicles but also deliveries and pedestrians – it’s likely that a voice-box relay will need to be included with a remote access protocol controlled from the home/property.


As a rule sliding gates provide more security than swing gates, but both can be reinforced with additional locks should high levels of security be required. Remember to consider that additional security features will add to the weight of the gates and consequently demand more power – usually in excess of a common 24V system.

Use Professional Services

Having the help of experienced and qualified experts will ensure that automatic gates work to maximum efficiency without compromising on essential security or reliability. Indeed many manufacturers make it a condition of their product warranty that only certified engineers may install their systems, which is why they so often come complete with long term guarantees. Automatic gates can be configured to maximum efficiency on any property providing the service providers are specialized in the necessary skills.

These eight points will have highlighted that custom and automatic gate installations can be more complicated than many expect, yet as with all property improvements expertise and experience will go a long way in ensuring long term satisfaction.

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