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Custom driveway gate design and installation from J&J Gates

When you are looking for a custom driveway gate design that not only performs perfectly, but is both beautiful and is constructed and installed by professionals, look no further than Arlington’s own J&J Gate Service and Design.

We have consistently provided customers in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas with a trusted source for creating the right style and design as well as functionality that add real value to your home or business property. From the overall design process, to custom fabrication of steel, iron, wood and more that reflects the style and setting of your home and property to the final installation, J&J Gate Service and Design provides the options, competitive pricing and exceptional service.

All our custom designs start with a detailed CAD drawing, which include your driveway gate dimensions, and choice of metal, iron, steel and wood fabrication selections. We provide the options you need to make your decision prior to the custom gate fabrication to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind driveway gate design solution that fits you best. And we stand behind our construction and are available to provide on-going service or repair in the future.

Call J&J Gate Service and Design today at 817-466-2794 for a FREE custom driveway gate design for your home today.

Custom Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Design and Installation

J&J Gates Service and Design is known best for its serving of automatic driveway gates as well as its professional installation teams attention to detail from the initial design to the experienced welders and craftsman to fabricate every custom gate they install.

However, with many customers, we are called to extend the gate design into a full-scale perimeter fence which might include installing matching stone pillars and other customized anchors that support wrought iron fence all the way around the home or business property. It’s a delicate combination of incorporating beauty, design and functionality.

Custom wrought iron gate styles normally feature a variety of “spear top” welded pickets of quality steel construction and finished with a powder coated protective surface. Ornamental iron fence panels bring offer strength and durability while delivery a unique and classic design to any home or property. Best of all, we can provide a supported design to match your already installed driveway gate or have your new gate match your wrought iron fence.

Call J&J Gate Service and Design today at 817-466-2794 and talk with our customer support and about designing and installing your home’s new custom wrought iron fence and gate today.

Get a custom design driveway gate for YOUR home

J&J Gate Service and Design specializes in “Custom Design”, because we work directly with our customers throughout the initial concept, desire and design. Our customers input and desires goes right into the overall construction and design of their driveway gate that we fabricate, build and install in their home or property.

It all starts with YOU – the customer

We take the initial design and overall specifications from “You”, our customer, and we provide a detailed CAD drawing that will become your home’s driveway gate idea. You get to see your design as it will look before we build it. After any modifications and final edits, dimension requirements and overall gate construction specifications and capability choices have been made, we put your gate into production and manufacture it to precision specs.

Whether you choose a slide gate or swing gate and select from wood, wrought iron or steel along with any combination to achieve the right choice to reflect on the beauty of your home, our expert craftsman will bring your idea and design to life.

You’ve seen those custom gates around the neighborhood and admired them from afar. Now might be the time to look into upgrading your gate to a custom design, one-of-a-kind driveway gate that reflects your home or property architecture and style. And remember, we can install your required security features and access control capabilities as well as provide any on-going service and repair. We’re the “go-to” gate service and repair company for many of our customers while being able to bring you the ability for custom design driveway gate options, too!

Contact customer service at J&J Gate Service & Design today at 817-466-2794 and we will visit with you about your custom design driveway gate ideas today.

Your Choice for Automatic Gate Repair in Dallas and Fort Worth

Aaron Jungbluth and the skilled automatic gate design and installation experts at J&J Gate Service and Design are a committed bunch. What began in Arlington, Texas, has extended throughout Dallas and Fort Worth communities, for both residential and commercial gate design, installation, access control configuration to provide homeowners and businesses with a high level of quality service and capabilities. What has mattered most to people is the reliability of a gate repair and customer service specialist. It’s because customers know we work hard on every service call to earn your business day in and day out.

Whether dealing with work done by other gate installers or performing routine maintenance, our expert service technicians and gate repair specialist will prove we were worth the call. From providing free, no-cost estimates, to providing options on openers and access control features all the way through custom designed gate solutions, J&J Gate Service & Design is truly a single-source for all your automatic gate needs.

You have questions about your automatic gate system?

  • What type of gate can you design? What materials are available? Like wood, iron, steel or aluminum.
  • Can I update the security of my automatic gate?
  • Can you increase the accessibility and control of my driveway gate?
  • Can you design and install all types of gates, from swing gates, sliding gates or double opening gates?
  • What about solar-powered access control
  • What about a simple repair? How quickly can you be here?

Call Aaron today at 817-466-2794 for any question you have, large or small or if you would just like to get a quote and talk with us directly. You will quickly find out why J&J Gate Service and Design is one of the most reliable gate repair service companies in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates Make a Beautiful Entrance

A beautiful wrought iron driveway gate at a home residence certainly adds curb appeal and a certain old-world style to the landscape. Whether it is a single swing-gate or a simultaneously opening double gate, wrought iron gates make a gate an impacting entrance to your property as well as add value and provide accessible security.

Ornamental wrought iron driveway gates can certainly be made with real iron to give you the weight and strength that only iron does. However, heavy duty steel can be galvanized and coated and provide the true appearance of real iron without the weight and higher costs. Many of our customers at J&J Gates Service and Design have started the gate design process with our design and fabrication expert by relating their vision and ideas about their estate driveway gate.

After the initial design process, we provide various design options on the types of materials available combined with the perfect, hand-forged details including artful finials, arches, intermediate pickets and filigree accents. And evaluate design and material options with cost options to compare.

As part of the design process, we provide product information, the detail specifications on materials and installation including CAD drawings for you to look at and review. We want to know how it integrates into your gate openers, automation features and access controls. In addition, we provide a detailed timeline for the building and installation process. Whether you are simply needing a newly designed wrought iron gate to replace your previous gate or are needing to address remote control and accessibility issues, we not only answer any and all questions you might have, we prefer to know about all aspects of your gate system to ensure it exceeds your expectations.

If you are considering a beautiful new wrought iron driveway gate for you home, estate or ranch, contact our customer service at 817-466-2794 today and let us help you design a driveway gate that will welcome you home every day.

Custom Gate Design – Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You’ve seen what an impact on the overall exterior of a home that a professional, custom gate design can do to enhance the overall architecture as well as provide added security access control. Preferences vary as much as gate styles do, but choosing the right automatic gate design and installation company will make a great difference on being able to bring the right materials together to capture your personal style and customized options and features. J&J Gate Service and Design has provided homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington with quality, custom gate design as well as a wide variety of flexible options when it comes to gate access control systems and overall gate operations.

Known for their prompt service and attention to detail, J&J Gate Service and Design will help every homeowner through a series of options, design styles, material selections as well as security and accessibility options including:

  • Choosing the right materials, from iron, steel and wood selections, and with combinations to achieve the right choice to reflect on your home.
  • Selecting from a variety of gate styles such as standard arched gates, bell gates, flat top gates or even custom gate design embellishments and one-of-a-kind artistry. Our professional design crews can create elaborate works of art within your customized gate design.
  • Deciding on the appropriate gate operator, which includes how the gate opens and closes. We look at the structure and layout of your home and landscaping and can provide options on swinging or sliding gates to simultaneous double-swing gate openers that appropriately interacts with the physical aspects of your home.
  • Integrate the proper gate access control features such as enabling you to open your gate remotely through a control device, simply using your voice to activate the opener as well as discussing how you would like to enable guests on your property. In addition, our experts can integrate full CCTV security surveillance systems so you have visual access to your entry points wherever you go.

If you are in need of a driveway gate upgrade or would like to discuss how J&J Gates Service and Design can bring a custom gate design with the newest features in accessibility to your home and property.

Contact our customer service and support staff at 817-466-2794 for a visit and FREE estimate today.

Commercial Gates – Security, Accessibility and Reliable Service

Security is one of the primary reasons businesses and commercial companies install automatic gates. Besides providing accessibility for parking and vehicle traffic, it also protects against damage to store fronts, windows and doors for high-traffic areas. And the automatic gate is just one aspect of a security gate system. We frequently meet with business owners, we discuss with them not only the functional needs they are needing, but will address the overall style, strength and various automated features that can enable businesses to control access efficiently.

J&J Gate Service and Design is a qualified and professional design and service company with an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and is unique in its approach by being able to customize residential and commercial gates or business automatic gates from start to finish. Our approach includes customized design of the gate that will enhance the property of homes and businesses as well as provide the strong functionality and latest control access features available. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations and meet all their requirements while giving them exceptional and prompt service whether it is a newly installed gate system or a simple service and repair call.

Features and Options on Commercial Gates

Commercial automatic gates and security gates can be designed and installed in a variety of sizes and shapes. And with J&J Gate Service and Design, you have the ability to choose the right components including choosing the style, material such as ornamental iron or simple steel. Our designers and installation experts can provide custom design solutions that coordinates with your building’s style and construction. Additionally, there are a number of automation features to choose from including keypad access, remote control options and security surveillance features for CCTV (closed-circuit TV) solutions. Our experienced installers and service technicians will ensure you are familiar with every aspect and capability available to serve your needs with your new automatic gate system.

FREE Design & Installation Estimates on Commercial Gates

J&J Gate Service and Design provide FREE estimates on all automatic commercial gates, whether it is a small service repair or a complete re-design and installation. And we come to your location throughout the Dallas, Forth Worth and Arlington areas. Contact us today at 817-466-2794 for your FREE estimate and talk with us about your commercial gate plans.

Reliable Gate Service, Design AND Repair in Dallas and Fort Worth

Reliable service is one of those phrases that’s thrown about in the service industry. Although at J&J Gate Service & Design, service reliability is one of our core values and is one we are mindful with every job, installation or phone call. In our business, service reliability is what provides good referrals, happy and repeating customers, great reviews and testimonials and keeps our name ahead of our competition.

Our list of “services” have at their core, GOOD service:

  • Residential gate repair and maintenance SERVICE
  • Home and commercial gate design SERVICE
  • Gate security and automation SERVICE
  • Gate installation SERVICE

From our initial phone call from our customer service representative, to answering customer questions by our installation experts or providing a standard FREE estimate, our goal is to provide customers with the best gate design, installation or repair SERVICE possible. Even our standard offer for a FREE $50 OFF gate service, repair or design is aimed at providing service.

Our customers know they get good service from everyone on our staff and we want to do the same for all our new customers as well. If your home or business is needing gate design, gate automation, repair, service or increased access control features, we invite you to rely on J&J Gate Service and Design for your gate service needs.

Call us today at 817-466-2794.

Upgrade Your Home’s Gate Opener or Operator – Dependable Home Access

If you’ve become accustomed to the a certain amount of control and access to your home for security and safety reasons, then you know how much you depend upon your gate operator or gate opener. You and your family depend on daily use day after day and year after year. However, after years of use, it may be time to look at upgrading your home’s gate operator and taking advantage of today’s connectivity features and safety controls. From sliding gates to swing gates, J&J Gate Service and Design has a variety of gate operator options and access control systems that fit your family and home’s needs.

Today’s new residential gate operator packages offer new built-in smart phone controls including the ability to open and close your gate from anywhere, even control your home’s lighting from a smartphone, tablet or computer. New access control safety features provide solid, vandal-resistant backlit enclosures to protect from unwanted entry along with anti-tamper alerts and alarms that are triggered upon tampering with the device.

When it comes to sustainable power, almost every gate operator and access control package comes with back-up power capability along with reliable solar power system, great for rural applications, but are a reliable feature for any home to make sure you have power you can rely on. Aditionally, the U.S. Federal Government is still offering financial credit to homeowners that take advantage of the solar powered access control systems which can equal up to 40% off the installed cost of their system. Ask one of our trained technicians for more details about the equipment and cost of installation that you can receive in tax credits.

It’s true, we depend upon our gate system every day. It’s time to talk with J&J Gates Service and Design today about how we can increase your home’s safety, security and gate opener reliability today.

J&J Gate Service and Design serves the homes and businesses throughout Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Give us a call at 817-466-2794 today and let us provide a FREE cost estimate.