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The Benefits of Wrought Iron Gates

Automatic wrought iron gates provide security to your place. They will make you feel safe and help you to keep out the people that you don’t want to enter your home. These gates have a keypad for you to operate them and they are also available with automatic opener if you want the facility of having gates without the trouble of always having to get out of the car to open or close the gate at the end of your driveway.


Automatic wrought iron gates can also improve the look of your place and separate your home from that of your neighbors. These gates don’t have to be simple or plain. They can be as intricate or as plain as you like. These gates can indeed add a flavor of fashion to your home. All you have to do is to find the suitable company that makes wrought iron gates in different designs. However, don’t forget to get a number of quotes for the design that you want so that you can get the best possible deal.


As a result of the quality of these wrought iron gates, especially those that have been made on order, they tend to work longer than the typical gates made from wood or aluminum. This means that you don’t have to have them replaced, fixed or even repaired as long as you keep them in good condition. If you happen to have old wrought iron gates, then there are professionals that will revamp them for you so that they look as fine as new.

So, if you are looking for a redesigning or house renovation project that will add charm, grace, and beauty to your house, then just choose wrought iron gates. They can keep your house safe and stylish. The great part is that these gates can be included in the different type of house decor, both outside and inside. There are some excellent ideas on using these wrought iron gates in your renovated house.

If a stylish gate is located at the entrance of your house, it serves as the starting point and gives the visitors the impression of how beautiful your house is. You can choose a gate that compliments the overall design of your house. Even the fence doesn’t have to be made of wrought iron for you to add such a gate. With all the designs and style available, you can get a wrought iron gate that goes well with any house.


Adding wrought iron gates provides your garden with an beautiful entryway. The details of the gates are very minute with backdrops of colorful designs and styles. The wrought iron gates are the perfect choice to your home if you want to add a touch of royalty to your place like those in the Vatican. With so many designs and styles available, it is very easy to find the gate that fits perfectly with your taste.

So now you have gone through all the information about wrought iron gates, get started your home decoration with wrought iron gates today. These gates can range from massive to small and charming driveway gates. They can be used in different places in your home.

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LiftMaster Gate Opener Review

LiftMaster Gate Openers are great to have for your gates as they do indeed provide you with a true sense of security, to keep intruders out and to let you and others onto your residential or commercial property as need be. This article will be focusing on the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener.

Features And Benefits

The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is designed to have a very impressively powerful 24 VDC motor that is able to provide you with an exceptional starting torque and that offers a soft, smooth stop and start operation. This promotes longer life for the gate and opener, as well as providing you with good, reliable, dependable performance every time.

Another benefit of using the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is the fact that it is able to operate gates that have a measurement of up to sixteen feet in length and that have a weight of up to five hundred and fifty pounds.

The Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener comes to you with the inclusion of an on board radio receiver. This provides you with a single remote control solution for your various gates and additional access points on the property. But do note that the remote controls are sold separately from the radio receiver that comes with this gate opener. This means that the radio receiver allows you to be able to use just one remote control to conveniently open all your gates and other access points on your property.

The battery run system allows you to have complete operational functionality of the gate opener, including all of your DC control devices and sensing devices. The slow start and stop is crafted to be able to provide for a great reduction of stress and shock to the gate system during usage when starting and stopping to open and close the gate with the device.

The obstruction detection system that is internally placed in the device is able to provide separate force adjustments in relation to both the opening and closing directions of the gate. For example, if the gate happens to come in contact with some type of obstruction, then a closing gate will reverse to the open position and an opening gate will completely stop.

There are masterfully designed control inputs that allow for the connection of a full range of external devices that are optional, such as loop detectors, telephone entry systems, access control systems, along with the inclusion of radio receivers. The bi-part latch works well with swing gate designs in which the wings overlap by allowing one of the wings to be able to open prior to the other wing being able to commence opening or by allowing one of the wings to be able to close before the final wing closes. There is a timer to set how long it will take for the gate to be able to completely close, which is able to be set anywhere from a span of zero to one hundred and twenty seconds, allowing you the exact time you need to get onto your property and then to close the gate.


The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is a trustworthy source for security for your property. It will work well and is very durable. Many contractors install these types of LiftMaster gate openers on the residential properties that they build. This gate opener is worthy of consideration, purchase and usage.

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener” description=”Our review of the LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener” brand=”LiftMaster” manfu=”LiftMaster” model=”LA400″ single_rating=”5″ agg_rating=”1″ condition=”New” ]

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Gate Access Systems

Gate access systems have become more advanced in the recent years thanks to the modern technology. There are different types of controls in the market that enhance the way our automatic gates work. Here is a look at some that ensure high security at the gate.

Magnetic Card Reader

In this case, the automatic gate will open quicker when the pre-issued card is held against the card reader. This is one of the most effective access systems for a relatively large number of people or vehicles since it is relatively simple and responds faster than other systems.

Induction Loop Detector

This type of a system uses a cable loop to open the automatic gate. The loop underneath the road surface produces a magnetic field which changes when a vehicle passes over it. This movement activates a signal which then opens the gate.

Number Plate Recognition

This system is one of the best systems where there is a high security application since it only recognizes number plates that have been entered into the software on the PC. The access system will also have a remote push button for security personnel to let in vehicles whose number plates are not recognized.

Digital Keypad

Both pedestrians and vehicles will find digital keypads an ideal solution. The automatic gate will only open when a pre-determined four digit code is keyed-in. This access system will always have an override such as remote push button.

Local or Remote Push Button

This is arguably the simplest access systems for automatic gates. This in most cases is used with other systems. This then allows other systems to be overridden when necessary like allowing visitors to enter when the staff open the gates through another system like the digital keypad.

Audio and/or CCTV Remote Control

This system works with the push button system to guarantee access. This is commonly used where the control of the gate is in a remote location. When the vehicle or the person approaches the gate, the security personnel can either allow or deny access through an audio or video obtained through the CCTV.

Key Switch

This is a modification of the old key access system only that the selected personnel with the key will have to insert it in order to activate a local or remote push button. This system is commonly used in premises that don’t except a larger group of visitors. It is mainly for staffs only.

Radio Remote Control

This is one of the simple and most effective ways of making sure your automatic gate has tight access control system. The system also comes with a further option of being able to operate a handheld device from the vehicle. What the system uses is an approved VHF radio frequency with an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres.

Proximity Detectors

This is a modern access control system but would only be appropriate if the security application is low. This system allows the gate to open whenever there is a movement at a certain point. The proximity detector is commonly used in premises that only allows staff.

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Selecting the Proper Access System

When you choose an automatic gate, the access system plays an essential role in the operation and functioning of the system. Automatic gates are used for security purposes and effectively limit access into a given area, whether it is a single home, gated community or a business.

The Parts of an Automatic Gate

There are two major components required for automatic gates. Those components are the gate itself and the gate opener. The gate itself is what blocks the gate opening. The gate opener is a machine that opens and closes the gate itself.

Kinds of Automatic Gates

Not all automatic gates are the same. There are actually seven different kinds of automatic gates, all of which require access systems to operate them. Each of these gates have their own advantages and different features.

Slide Gate – Most often selected for commercial structures, these gates slide horizontally in a back and forth motion across the entrance.

Cantilever Gate – While the cantilever gate is made much like the automatic slide gate, it doesn’t require rollers to slide across the ground as a form of support. Instead, it has rails that are placed along the fence structure’s interior.

Swing Gate – With hinges placed on one side, these gates operate like a door that swings open and closed.

Vertical Lift Gate – These gates move down or up in a vertical direction above the gate opening. This gate has to be lifted up high so vehicles can pass underneath it.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gate – Vertical lift gates that pivot actually lift in and out of the opening. They are supported completely by the gate access system itself.

Bi-Folding Gate – These gates consist of a pair of panels that are hooked together. As they activate the access system, these panels will fold back in order to allow entry. This design is a good gate for limited space because it does not require a lot of room.

Barrier Arm Gate – A barrier arm gate has an arm that rotates itself in and out of the gate opening. This kind of gate can control vehicles, but not pedestrians. These are often used in parking garages or parking lots.

The Details Regarding Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can weigh as much as 20,000 pounds and can travel as quickly as 36 inches per second. These gates require professional installation and routine maintenance because of their size and structure. Automatic gates are large and have the potential to cause injury, death or property damage.

The gate’s access system must be adequate for the gate. You need to get a mechanical operating system that has the capability to lift and lower the gate time and time again. Consider the size and weight of the gate, making sure you get an access system that can handle the particular gate.

Different gates and varying applications require different speeds and varying opening and closing systems. So considering all of the gate’s features, its size, weight and operation, you need to ensure that you select the right access system for the gate that you will be using.

When the right gate is selected and properly installed, you can get years of quality service from an automatic gate and its access system. The number of times a gate will open and close daily are known as the duty cycle. You need to make sure that you get a door and access system that are compatible with the duty cycle. Don’t add an access system to just any gate. Gate construction plays a major role in the long-term results so choose a gate that works well with the access system.

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The many benefits of driveway gates

A property always needs its own space and boundaries. Without a boundary, the property may appear like an open field inviting the intruders to enter. With the circumference around the property, it needs a gateway that fulfills the need of opening and closing the gateway within its own space. The driveway gates serves this purpose greatly. Automatic gates can be a further assistance in protecting the property.

Properties, whether large or small, claim all time vigilance and hiring a full time security guard many a times seems more expensive. Driveway gates can replace the cost of a custodian to your utmost surprise. Not only that, automatic gates fit the space of the property. This depends on the type of gate used. Among many of the varieties of these gates, the double swing, Single Swing and Slide gates are most popular from the aspect of availability of space in a property. Automatic gates are ideal due to these benefits:

Space Management With Slide Gates

A property with less space can use a single or slide driveway gates at the entrance. A single drive way gate comes in a smaller size and can open within a small spatial arrangement. While another option for availability of less space comes with the slide Driveways that run on the wheels to open the gate.

Decorating The Property

The driveway gates are best decorators of your property. Whether one uses a front or a side gate, the whole picture of the house changes with the attachment of automatic gates. Though, these gates are found in wood and metal, the wrought iron gates give a classic look.

Wide Array of Designs and Sizes

The better part of the story is that the property owner has all the freedom to select the size and style. The design the owner selects for the property will give him more of the satisfaction and leave the property with his personal touch.

Can be Customized To Your Preference With Gadgets For Added Security

It is possible to have an intercom, as well as other more gadgets installed near your automatic gates. This will allow visitors to contact whoever is in the house before the gate is opened. This is an added security measure which aids in screening visitors so that not just anyone is able to enter the property.

Protects Privacy

Privacy is essential for every family.

The best way to protect one’s privacy from the outsiders is to choose suitable driveway gates for your property. With automatic gates, the safety lies with the owner. And at the switch of the remote, the property can be guarded easily.

Central Controlling System

The central controlling system can be operated by the remotes and cell phones. That is quite impressive and secures the home with many other added facilities like cameras, alarms and intercoms.

Bottom Line:

Whether one has a small or a large property, it needs its to be highly secured in every way possible and what better than using automatic gates. A gate declares vividly of one’s ownership while at the same time have the ability to represent you and your personality to the outsiders, as they are tastefully crafted in accordance to your taste. With all the benefits listed above, automatic drive way gates are worth every dollar.

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Choosing the right Driveway Gate

Whatever your reasoning for installing automatic driveway gates, security or improving the overall appearance of your property, choosing the right products from the outset can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Automatic Driveway Gate Types

There are two types of gate automation widely used; sliding gates and swing gates, there are also a few variations on these two basic operating methods.

Sliding gates can be track mounted, a track system is installed to the driveway surface and the gate runs on this track. This particular type of installation requires a leveled driveway for the track system to be installed on.

Alternatively if the driveway surface is uneven, a cantilever sliding gate can be installed. The gate is designed to run on a pivotal point usually near the gate motor, which suspends the gate over the driveway.

Swing gates can be either a single leaf or a twin leaf design, both operating in similar ways. You have the choice of a gate mounted operator or underground gate operators. With gate mounted operators, the installation tends to be less expensive due to the saving on groundworks. With an underground gate mechanism, the motors are enclosed in a housing that is flush with the ground level so you can’t actually see the gate motor. Although underground gate operators have a more pleasing appearance, this type of installation is not suitable in areas of flooding as adequate drainage is essential for trouble free operation.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Driveway Gates

Traditionally wrought iron, steel and timber gates are installed, but increasingly aluminium is being used as an alternative due to the low maintenance requirements. The materials the gate is manufactured from can significantly impact on the overall cost of the installation. A solid hardwood gate that is fully boarded would cost approximately double for a similar installation in softwood. The additional material costs and the increased cost due to the gates requires an experienced, heavy duty gate operator.

Choosing The Right Installer

Nobody knows your lifestyle better than you. Consideration should be given to how many times a day your gates will be used, if you work from home and are constantly taking deliveries all day, the duty cycle of the automation may need to be considered. The type and weight of gate installed could determine which gate operator is used, electromechanical or hydraulic which is commonly used on hardwood gates due to the weight. It is essential that your gate installer specifies the products to be used when quoting for the works, and do your research on the automation your installer proposes to use. Go for an automatic gate installations company that your satisfaction as a client and quality of services is paramount.

Choosing Access System

Your decision to purchase automatic gates was likely to have been influenced by securing your property. However from time to time visitors and delivery drivers will need to access your property. You will most likely use remote control key fobs to enter and exit but it is not practical or cost effective to give everybody that may use your automated gates a remote key fob. Instances like these require additional access options. Intercoms systems and keypads are the best products to install. Intercoms come in many different forms. GSM intercoms are ever increasing in popularity because they allow the flexibility to open your automated gates from virtually anywhere in the world, so you won’t miss your delivery even when you’re at work.


You may have many reasons for installing an automatic driveway gate,  choosing the right gate from the star will save you a lot of money, as well as time, in the grand scheme of things.


Nice Apollo Automatic Gate Opener Review


Nice Apollo Gate openers are the highest quality gates in America. For more than three decades, the company has been leading in the provision of different kinds of automatic doors. The company has earned a reputation as the best makers of reliable and security doors. It is not surprising that they have achieved this feat. They use the most qualified and talented technicians. All their products lines are assembled in the country.

Nice Apollo has diversified into different lines of production ranging from slide gate operators, swing gate operators, barrier arm operators, and so on. Nice Apollo slide gate operators include the following: 8500 ETL, 8300 ETL, 7500 ETL, 7400 ETL, 7300 ETL, 7200 ETL, 7100 ETL as well as 7000 ETL. In the same way, the company has produced different lines of Swing gate operators. The most prominent among them includes the Nice Apollo 3600, 3500, 1650, 1600, 1724, 1824 and several others. All these product lines are available for you at the lowest prices once you source it from the right dealers.

Nice Apollo relies on solar to power its products. This is why their automatic gate products are eco friendly. Moreover, you can save substantial amount of money when you use their products, because it will not be connected to home power source. Their solar panel is such efficient that, you will always enjoy quality services.

You can see that many people in the country and beyond are using Nice Apollo automatic gate opener, because of its high-end services. The products can be used for different kinds of services such as commercial and private purposes. Here are some of the reasons you will consider Nice Apollo Gate opener, if you have not started using it.

Automatic Gate Opener Features

It provides improved security

If you use Nice Apollo automatic gate products in your home, you are sure of enjoying maximum security. It is programmed such that you would be instantly alerted when an unauthorized persons attempt to get access to your house through your door.

Enhanced functionality

Nice products lock automatically. You are not going to have any problem using the product. You are not going to encounter any problem using the doors. This door remains the best because it opens the lock automatically.

Elevated safety

Perhaps, the greatest benefit that you can derive from the automatic gate opener is that you are sure of enjoying an elevated level of safety. This is because the gates have important sensitive sensors located in the gate openers and they are intended to offer you better security. It ensures security by not opening.

Ease of use

These automatic gate openers were designed that it will be simple and easy to use. The gates are even easier to use compared to the manual gates. Its convenience is perhaps the most important selling point. The functions you want the gate performed for you are contained in the remote control. This means that you are not going to find it hard to manage these gates.

There are different sizes of these automatic gates. Before you make your choice, you have to measure your home to ensure that you get the correct size. Try Nice Apollo automatic gate openers and see the qualities that make it better.

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”NICE APOLLO GATE OPENERS” description=”A review of Nice Apollo Gate Openers” rev_name=”Nice Apollo Gate Openers” rev_body=”All” author=”JJ Gates” pubdate=”2016-02-15″ user_review=”5″ ]

Custom Gate Appearances

The major function of a gate is to provide security. It is important that such gates look good to reflect your personality and style. When you select the right gate design, it will add inestimable value to your property. While choosing your customized gate, you have to consider different factors to make the right choice.

The most important factor to consider is the type of material used to construct the gate. If you do not know about the right material to use, you can check your neighborhood and select the most popular material you observe. Once you see more than three people use the same material, it means that they have found something of great value in that material. While considering the material, you also have to consider the issue of maintenance.
Secondly, you have to consider the style. There are lots of designs and styles from where to select from. The most important thing here is to select the style that suits your taste and reflects your personality.

Security Issues

Thirdly, security issue is very important, and it is the most important reason for installing gates. It is recommended that you go for those gates that can provide maximum security. It is important that you secure your driveway, as well as those aspects of your entrance that you consider vulnerable. It means that the gate should be high for at least six feet.

Importantly, privacy is an important factor you have to consider when looking for the customized gate for your home. Look for a gate with perfect design that can prevent anybody from seeing through. Look for a gate that is screened from other people’s view of your home.

There are different types of gates and they are composed of different materials. The first is the metal gates. Metal gates are available in different designs and appearances and the best appearance among them include garden gates, driveway gates, as well as side gates. If you want any of these gates, there are hundreds of designs as well style combinations. You can get the style that suits your personality. There are different designs in the market such as Clifton, Westminster, Sterling, Picasso, Verona, as well as Monaco and so on. These gates are good for modern and traditional properties. You can choose the style that meets your personality. There are different qualities and the prices are not the same. Some of them are affordable.

Wooden Gates

If you do not like metal gates, you can opt for wooden gates. This gate is good for both residential and commercial places. Many people prefer wooden gates because of their beautiful appearance. It can beautify your home and improve your security and privacy at the same time. There are different standards and styles on the market. You are going to drive value for your money for any style that you decide to use. Wooden gates are the most valuable because you can be easily customized to reflect your unique style.

Both metal and wooden gates are available in different outlets across the globe. You can get it at any reputable online store. Picking it online could be better, because of various options available to you.

Custom Gate Installations and Choosing the Best Type

When people buy a new home or make renovations to the house that they are living in, they usually make all kinds of important decisions. From choosing the color paint to be placed on the walls in every room to furnishing the home with the latest appliances, homeowners normally have their hands full trying to make the best decisions possible.

Though the decisions that’s made may take a little time to get it right, homeowners must also concentrate part of their efforts on the outside too. For instance, the owner may have to choose the type of automatic gate that they want installed around their home and their property. When this is the situation, the owner will need to know the differences between the types of gates that’s available in the industry today. Some of the more common types of automatic gates include those that function in 3 different ways, and they include those that swing open, slide, or lift. All of which can be provided as custom options for the homeowner when they make a decision for them to be installed.

When a home owner is making this decision, they will also need to determine what kind of materials that they want to be used (i.e. aluminum, steel or wood). If the owner is looking to save money on the cost of their gates, they will find that the most affordable options are made out of aluminum, while the next least expensive is option is made out of wood. However, if the owner has the money and want to pay the premium price for the best custom gate appearance, they should invest their money into gate styles that’s made of steel. With this being said, here’s 3 types of automatic custom gates that can be customized and a brief description of each.

Gates that Lifts

Once the owner of the home has selected the type of material that should be used, they will need to decide which type of automatic gate that they prefer. Deciding which ones is best for their home is also a factor in making an informed decision. This is because if the owner needs more space for their gate, they should choose a gate that lifts instead of slides. This kind of gate is normally used for business facilities instead of homes. However, if this type of gate is installed in a home, people will normally find that these automatic gates are space eaters in the drive way.

Wooden Gates that Slide

If the homeowner is not interested in installing a gate that lifts, they may decide to choose the slide gate. This type of gate is the best option if the ground on the property is un-leveled. This is because the sliding gates are designed to function at an angle. Therefore, if there are problems with the structure of the land, the owner will not be required to level it out prior to its installation.

Gates that Swing Open

Gates that swing open is the last option that’s offered and it is also one of the most affordable for those who are operating on a tight budget. Therefore, if the ground is level and no other known problems exists, the owner may choose the swing gate. This gate is easy to install and has the simplest functionality.

Deciding which gate to install on a homeowner’s property is not difficult if the owner knows what is available in the industry. One of the first decisions is choosing what kind of custom made gate that they really want and can afford. These automatic gates are made of three different kinds of materials including aluminum, wood and steel. So, once the homeowner has decided the type of material to be used, they can concentrate on the type of gate to be installed and they include lift gates, slide gates or gates that swing open.

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Automatic gates add comfort and beauty to your home

Do you have a beautiful automatic gate that you simply love? If so, you probably love the comfort and security that it supplies you and your family. But when that same lovely gate acts up then it becomes an eyesore that limits your ability to move to and from your property. This is a common problem that can have many different causes. If your automatic gate is acting up there is no reason to pull your hair out. Gate repair can be simple to fix if you know where and what to look for. Today, we are going to take a look at several reasons why your gate is not working and what you can do to resolve the problem quickly and safely.

Why Doesn’t Your Gate Work?

You did not have it professionally installed– Professional automatic gate installations normally do not have issues until years after they have been installed. But if you decided to go with a company or person that does not specialize in this type of service, you are putting yourself at risk. If you have fallen victim to this less than lackluster service you are going to need to seek the help of a professional to fix the problem.

The problem could be simple– That gate remote control box that you often refer to as the clicker is often the reason your gate will not open. So before you get on the phone with your gate company make sure to change the remote batteries. This just might save you a ton of money in the long run.

Something has gotten in the track– After most gate installations, the technician will likely go over how your gate operates. If they did then you know that the track is a major part of the operating system. If something falls in the track it will often stop the gate from moving causing it to get stuck. If this happens, make sure to turn off the power before removing the obstruction. This is a simple fix that most homeowners will feel comfortable fixing on their own.

The gate does not stop in the right place– Is your gate stopping before it closes all the way? After making sure that there is nothing blocking the track, you just might want to call a professional gate repair company. It’s more likely you are having a limit switch problem that is causing your gate not to stop in the right spot. This repair may require replacement of electrical parts and needs to be repaired be a professional.

Power outage– Many times your gate issues are due to a power outage. This can be a simple issue that can be fixed with a flip of a breaker. When custom gate installations occur, most of the time a technician will inform the homeowner where the power breaker is located. After making sure that nothing is obstructing the gate, you can reset the power by simply turning the gate breaker back on. Always remember to be very careful when dealing with the electrical panel.

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