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More Benefits of Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate

Whether You Choose Something Simple or Fancy, Driveway Gates Offer Many Benefits.

Do you want to add a unique aesthetic to your home that will also increase your security levels? Consider installing a driveway gate. J&J Automatic Gate Service & Design offers installation and repair services for all types of driveway gates. Call us today at 817-609-4829 for your appointment.

Why Install a Driveway Gate?

You may think that only really wealthy people have driveway gates, but the truth of the matter is driveway gates provide a variety of benefits that anyone can enjoy.

Security: Your home will be more secure with a driveway gate. This is partly because the intruder will have a more difficult time getting to your home, but also because they will not be able to see your home from the street. Intruders usually choose a home based on what they can see from the curb.

Privacy: In addition to security, a driveway gate increases your level of privacy. Salesmen and religious organizations will not be able to knock on your door if they can’t get to it. A driveway gate can also shield your front porch from the foot traffic on your street.

Curb Appeal: Depending on the style of gate you get, your driveway gate can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing from the curb.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in installing a driveway gate at your home, call us at 817-609-4829. We are here to help you install, maintain and repair all your automatic gates.

Maintenance Tips for Your Automatic Gate

You’ve gotten a million compliments since you got your automatic gate installed. Keep it looking and operating its best with these regular maintenance tips.

Clean It Up

Keeping your gate clean is the first step to keeping it great. A water hose will do the trick in most cases, and a coat of wax every now and then will help protect your gate from the weather and the sun between washes.

Get it Greasy

As with anything that has moving parts, your gate needs to be lubricated every now and then to keep away squeaks and rust. Your hinges should be greased generously through the grease joint to keep it swinging smoothly and to keep the motor from having to over work. Chains will also need to be greased to prevent catching and debris buildup within the links.

Check Inside

Inside the mechanical box of your automatic gate is ideal for insects and even birds and small animals to nest. This may seem innocent, but the debris from these visitors can cause your system to short or seriously malfunction. Therefore, it’s important to clean out your mechanical box and make sure it seals well. This will help prevent guests, water damage, and debris buildup.

You are proud of your new automatic gate, and you should be. Keep it as beautiful as they day it was installed and save money on eventual repairs with these three simple steps. If your automatic gate does need repairs, call the experts at J & J Automatic gate service to help get your gate working perfectly again.

Three Benefits of a Farm Gate

farm gate

A gate and fence present a powerful guard for your livestock.

Whether you have hundreds of acres or just a small plot set off the road, a farm gate brings many benefits to your property. Positive impacts include personal safety, curb appeal, and privacy. Homeowners who have long driveways should especially consider a farm gate. Motorists may mistake your driveway for a road, and intruders have the chance to approach unnoticed. If you remain on the fence about the usefulness of gate, consider these reasons.

Retain Livestock

Free range animals need some kind of barrier to keep them on your property. All other areas, such as pastures, corrals, or training areas, become safer havens when you have a well-built gate and fence.

Protect Against Predators

A gate and fence help control the entrance of animals like coyotes, wolves, and bears onto your property. Depending on where you live, these predators can present a serious problem for your livestock. Even area dogs can pose a threat to chickens or smaller livestock. Even if the animal burrows under your gate, you will at least have a point of entry to help narrow down the culprit.

Privacy and Protection

Privacy represents a premier benefit of a gate. You can control who enters your property, and welcome guests while dissuading solicitors. The gate will additionally afford your property and family protection as an added barrier against intruders.

If you need a farm gate around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, contact J & J Automatic Gate Service & Design at 201 Main St 6th Floor. We offer premier, courteous service, and can design a gate customized to your tastes, property needs, or design scheme. 


Why You Need Commercial Security Gates

security gates

Commercial gates can offer nearly impregnable protection to your business.

When it comes to investments in your business, security gates represent a smart choice. An automatic security gate can protect you from theft and unauthorized entry, all without disruption to your business. Automatic security gates will also increase the value of your commercial property. If you remain on the fence about an automatic security gate, consider the following benefits:

Keycard and Touchpad Linkage

An important feature of automatic security gates, keycards and touchpads allow for approved entry without the necessity of an attendant. Additionally, exit and entry logs will provide a record of everyone who enters your facility.

Quick Entry and Exit

An automatic gate can also prevent bottlenecks and lines as people try to enter your facility. Instead of the necessity of IDs and someone to check them, authorized parties can simply use the keycard or touchpad functions.


Unlike manual gates, automatic gates prove extremely resilient to forced entry. Gates built with solid materials, such as those from J & J Gates Service and Design, become extremely difficult to pry open. This benefit occurs thanks to the mechanical nature of the gate’s operating system.

At J & J Gates Service and Design, we stand as the area leaders for all types of residential and commercial gates. Most commercial facilities want some degree of security. An automatic security gate provides this in an attractive, convenient way. Rather than allow everyone and anyone free entry onto your property, you can control access to protect your employees and products.

For questions about residential and commercial security gates in Dallas-Fort Worth, call J & J Gates Service and Design today at 817-609-4829.


Do I Need An Automatic Gate For My Property?

wooden gates

When it comes to home ownership, you are left with many options in regards to the aesthetics, safety, and convenience of your home. Many homes, particularly Texas homes, have a stretch of land surrounding the home, which offers beauty, privacy, and a feeling of freedom. However, also common in Texas are short, barbed wire fences that dissuade only the laziest of livestock. When you are a homeowner with a stretch of land surrounding your home, you may find that a well built fence and gate are well worth the investment!

Automatic gates offer a variety of benefits to your property, from enhanced privacy, increased safety, and even a touch of luxury. Utilizing a fence and gate combo can save you money in insurance as well as security costs. Do you already have a fence surrounding your home, but you need to get out of your vehicle every time you leave or arrive at home? With an automatic gate, you can open and close your gate from the safety of your vehicle, and save yourself a good 10 minutes daily. Below we have listed some other benefits of an automatic driveway gate for your home, along with the options available!

Space Management

If you desire a fence and gate for your home, but your property line or driveway size leave you strapped for space, we offer slide gates to get the most out of your space! A sliding gate on wheels has no need to swing out or in, which allows you to enjoy the safety and convenience of an automatic gate without sacrificing your space! You can also choose single drive gates, which are smaller and have a smaller range to allow for limited space.

Decor and Aesthetics

Driveway gates offer a touch of luxury to any home, and we offer gates in a wide array of designs and styles. Front and side gates alike are a beautiful addition to your home.


With our gates, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can add an intercom or even a camera to your gate, so that you can see and speak with visitors without leaving your home. You can also opt to have multiple remotes, or a pin pad, whichever is more convenient for you. With some systems, you can choose to operate your gate with your cell phone as well!


Privacy is one of the main reasons our customers choose to add automatic gates to their home. With a gate from J & J Gates, you can add a great deal of privacy to your home, and feel safer when you are at home or away.

If you are interested in adding an automatic gate to your home in Fort Worth, TX, call J & J Gates today! We are here to help make homes feel safer, and more beautiful one automatic gate at a time! 

Pros and Cons of Wood Gates

There are many fencing and gate materials available, and wood is a popular choice. However, there are pros and cons of wood gates that may help you decide if it is the right material for your property. Consider these facts before choosing a wood gate:


Wooden Gate

Wooden Gates can be Painted or Stained to Suit Your Style, but Require Regular Maintenance

There are many reasons why wood gates are so popular, from their versatility to unique style. Wood is completely unlike iron, chain link, or any other gate material. Available in a variety of colors, wood gates can be stained or painted to achieve the look you want. Whether you want a more rustic appearance or something more polished and sophisticated, wood is a versatile material that can accomplish both styles. It is also a sustainable and natural material, typically making it more affordable than a wrought iron gate.


One downside to wood gates that some homeowners dislike is their upkeep. Depending on the conditions your gate is in (such as full sun vs. shade, frequent moisture or rain, etc.), you will need to repaint or restain your gate every one to two years. Because it is a natural material, it is susceptible to wear over time and consistent maintenance is the only way to make it last. You should also make sure the wood is properly treated to avoid insect damage.

If you have other questions or concerns about the pros and cons of wood gates, call J & J Gates Service and Design at 817-609-4829! Our professionals craft and install all types of gate systems in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX and we are happy to help you find the perfect gate for your home or business!

What’s The Right Gate For My Property?

The Right Gate

Entrance To Gated Community

So you’ve decided that you would like to add a gate to your property. Maybe you’re looking for extra security and privacy. Or maybe you’re just trying to enhance the overall look. Either way, the professionals at J & J Gates Service and Design has everything you need. We’re here to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Before you contact anyone about coming to start installation here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do I prefer electric or standard? As experts in all things dealing with gates, we highly recommend an automatic option because of the added safety and convenience. But there are some that prefer the manual options as well.
  • How much will this cost? When choosing to have a gate installed, it’s important to set a budget in place. This will allow you narrow down your options and ensure that you don’t break the bank.
  • What style am I aiming for? There are various types of fence and gate styles and it’s important that the style that you end up deciding on matches the overall style of your commercial or residential property. Take note of its architectural style and features and see which gate style complement instead of clashing with it.

So just be sure that you take these things into consideration when trying to figure out which would be the best gate for your property. It can be quite an overwhelming task. But fortunately, J & J Gates Service and Design is available to answer any questions that you may have gate installation throughout Fort Worth, TX and the entire DFW area. Call us today 817-609-4829.


Custom Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Design and Installation

J&J Gates Service and Design is known best for its serving of automatic driveway gates as well as its professional installation teams attention to detail from the initial design to the experienced welders and craftsman to fabricate every custom gate they install.

However, with many customers, we are called to extend the gate design into a full-scale perimeter fence which might include installing matching stone pillars and other customized anchors that support wrought iron fence all the way around the home or business property. It’s a delicate combination of incorporating beauty, design and functionality.

Custom wrought iron gate styles normally feature a variety of “spear top” welded pickets of quality steel construction and finished with a powder coated protective surface. Ornamental iron fence panels bring offer strength and durability while delivery a unique and classic design to any home or property. Best of all, we can provide a supported design to match your already installed driveway gate or have your new gate match your wrought iron fence.

Call J&J Gate Service and Design today at (817) 435-1513 and talk with our customer support and about designing and installing your home’s new custom wrought iron fence and gate today.

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