Which Automatic Driveway Gates Give You the Best Security?

Worried about people walking all over your lawn? Live in a good neighborhood where crime spills over from other areas sometimes?

If you own at least a medium-size dog, you know how just the sight of a dog eliminates any criminal threats against you.

Works the same way with security gates. Some look intimidating.

Others show you take security seriously. Potential criminals wonder what other security measures you could have in place.

So if you need to secure your property, automatic driveway gates are a great way to do it.

Take a look at some of your best options:

  1. Hydraulic Rail-Operated Slide Gates

These gates slide back-and-forth to open and close. They appear a lot more intimidating than your standard swing gate.

In fact, they remind you of a drawbridge protecting an impenetrable fortress. Homeowners that want looks go for swing gates. When potential criminals see your hydraulic slide gate, they’ll decide someone else’s property is more worth their time.

  1. Pad Mount Operated Dual Swing Gate with Magnetic Locking

With a dual swing gate, the gate itself has 2 doors instead of one. It opens from the middle.

You can use a magnetic gate lock to keep them sealed shut. These locks withstand a force of 600 to 1200 pounds, or so.

If you think about it, only serious weightlifting amateurs (the heavyweights), and professional athletes can exert more than 600 pounds of force. So that eliminates all but the most powerful of criminals.

  1. Ornamental Wrought Iron Gates of Any Kind

These gates have the tall black spears guarding them. Those spears can come to a point or be flat.

The points themselves aren’t razor sharp, so you don’t have to worry about putting your family at risk for injury. But they are pointed enough to make climbing an ornamental wrought iron gate difficult, unpleasant, and potentially painful.

Whether you get flat spears or ones that come to a point is your choice. Either way, they’re difficult to climb and jump over. Not something a criminal wanting to make a quick entry and getaway wants to see!

If you want to protect your home from criminals, these gates all make good choices. Can you really put a price on your family’s, and property’s, safety?