Automatic Gate Openers and Operators, Installation and Repair

Have you checked your automatic gate opener recently? If you are like most homeowners, probably not, unless you have noticed symptoms that it isn’t operating properly or it has broken altogether. Like most automatic gates, gate openers and operators of both swing and sliding gates need repair and maintenance to keep them running and performing properly. From a simple battery check, to diagnosing your access control operation as as well as gate operation, some scheduled maintenance to your automatic gate can extend the life and operation for years to come and save you costs along the way.

If you are looking to upgrade the functionality, security and access control features of your automatic gates such as remote keypad, phone and control devices, solar-powered panels to reduce operating costs or advanced access control systems that offer automatic activation code renewal upon each access request, then contact J&J Gate Service & Design today and let us show you the new, reliable options and capabilities from Elite, Apollo and LiftMaster gate operators, openers and access control systems.

Have one of our certified technicians and gate experts diagnose, repair or replace broken or underperforming parts, access control system malfunctions and return your gate back to smooth, consistent and dependable operation for your daily use. J&J Gate Service & Design is an Arlington, TX based business and specializes in automatic gate installation and repair serving the homes and business customers throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

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