Can You Convert My Manual Gate to an Automatic One?

Life’s been good to you. You have some extra money.

So you say to your spouse,”Well, what should we do?”

After discussing a few ideas, you wonder if you can take that manual driveway gate and turn it into an automatic one.

You know you can get just about anything done that you want…as long as you have the money.

So can you do it?

You Can Convert to an Automatic Gate, but There are Some Limitations

The first consideration: do you have wood or masonry columns on the sides of your gate?

If they’re wood, you need to replace them. If they’re masonry columns, it gets more complex. A couple of considerations:

  • If your gates are bolted, you’ll need stronger steel posts in place
  • If they’re already hung off a steel plate, you won’t need huge modifications. But, you may only be able to use a pad mount swing gate operator.

Exceptions that Exist with Wood Swing Gates

Wood’s beautiful, but if that makes up your gate’s frame, you’re usually not in a good position to have an automatic gate. However, there’s a couple things you can do:

  • If you have a hardwood gate, you can still convert to an automatic gate
  • If you have to stay with wood, you can mount the wood gate you have to a steel frame

What You Can Do with Your Chain Link Gate

Most of these gates can easily convert into automatic swing gates. And the good news isn’t doesn’t take as much work as other gate types, so your costs stay comparatively low.

Your gate might already be sagging. In that case, you need to replace your gate. Sometimes, you’ll need additional steel in place for the gate operator to attach to.

And What about Steel Frame Swing Gates?

Well, this is when you get the best news of all.

You’ll probably still need some minor alterations, but that’s it!

The Most Challenging Gate to Convert to Automatic Gates: Manual Slide Gates

Unfortunately, if you have a manual slide gate, that’s usually the most costly and time-consuming to convert to an automatic gate. The brunt of the cost usually comes in making room for the slide gate operator.

And another costly area can be the wheel carriage. You may need to replace it entirely. And you may need to replace the whole ground track too. It really depends on your current setup.

In Most Cases, It’s Not Too Expensive to Do

But, we did give you some of these ins’n’outs so you have realistic expectations about your situation. You probably won’t need to invest the entire original cost of your manual gate to convert it to an automatic one.

But in rare cases, you might have to spend that much or more. It’s best just to make a call and get a quote.