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Common Automatic Gate Problems

Metal Automatic Gate Problems

Automatic Gates Can Suffer From a Selection of a Common Problems.

Automatic gates can stand as a serious boon for a home or business. You not only get the security and peace of mind a gate affords; you also have the convenience of automatic opening and closing. You can additionally control the flow of visitors to your property, and authorize only those who you expect. There do exist common automatic gate problems, however. Stay watchful for the following, and call for repairs should these conditions appear.

Operation Difficulties

Test your automatic gate manually to detect any operational difficulties. If the movement does not feel fluid, you may have a worn track. Your chain could also need repairs, as could the hinges or operating arm.

Pest Invasion

The out-of-the-way nature of many gates makes them an ideal home for pests such as rodents, birds, and insects. You can check different elements of the gate system that may offer shelter for these creatures. In the case of dangerous pests like wasps, call for professional removal.

Check Sensors

If your gate has suddenly ceased to function, check your automatic sensors. If a tree limb, bush, or other obstruction has blocked the sensor, you will need to clear it away. Obstructions can also bother the movement of a gate, especially those that slide on tracks.

Dead Batteries

Don’t forget that your gate opener requires battery power to operate. If your gate seems to not work, check your batteries before you call for repair.

At J & J Gates Service and Design, we offer full repair services for common automatic gate problems in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. The next time you have an issue, give us a call at 817-466-2794.

LiftMaster Gate Opener Review

LiftMaster Gate Openers are great to have for your gates as they do indeed provide you with a true sense of security, to keep intruders out and to let you and others onto your residential or commercial property as need be. This article will be focusing on the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener.

Features And Benefits

The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is designed to have a very impressively powerful 24 VDC motor that is able to provide you with an exceptional starting torque and that offers a soft, smooth stop and start operation. This promotes longer life for the gate and opener, as well as providing you with good, reliable, dependable performance every time.

Another benefit of using the Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is the fact that it is able to operate gates that have a measurement of up to sixteen feet in length and that have a weight of up to five hundred and fifty pounds.

The Lift Master LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener comes to you with the inclusion of an on board radio receiver. This provides you with a single remote control solution for your various gates and additional access points on the property. But do note that the remote controls are sold separately from the radio receiver that comes with this gate opener. This means that the radio receiver allows you to be able to use just one remote control to conveniently open all your gates and other access points on your property.

The battery run system allows you to have complete operational functionality of the gate opener, including all of your DC control devices and sensing devices. The slow start and stop is crafted to be able to provide for a great reduction of stress and shock to the gate system during usage when starting and stopping to open and close the gate with the device.

The obstruction detection system that is internally placed in the device is able to provide separate force adjustments in relation to both the opening and closing directions of the gate. For example, if the gate happens to come in contact with some type of obstruction, then a closing gate will reverse to the open position and an opening gate will completely stop.

There are masterfully designed control inputs that allow for the connection of a full range of external devices that are optional, such as loop detectors, telephone entry systems, access control systems, along with the inclusion of radio receivers. The bi-part latch works well with swing gate designs in which the wings overlap by allowing one of the wings to be able to open prior to the other wing being able to commence opening or by allowing one of the wings to be able to close before the final wing closes. There is a timer to set how long it will take for the gate to be able to completely close, which is able to be set anywhere from a span of zero to one hundred and twenty seconds, allowing you the exact time you need to get onto your property and then to close the gate.


The LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener is a trustworthy source for security for your property. It will work well and is very durable. Many contractors install these types of LiftMaster gate openers on the residential properties that they build. This gate opener is worthy of consideration, purchase and usage.

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener” description=”Our review of the LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Opener” brand=”LiftMaster” manfu=”LiftMaster” model=”LA400″ single_rating=”5″ agg_rating=”1″ condition=”New” ]

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Nice Apollo Automatic Gate Opener Review


Nice Apollo Gate openers are the highest quality gates in America. For more than three decades, the company has been leading in the provision of different kinds of automatic doors. The company has earned a reputation as the best makers of reliable and security doors. It is not surprising that they have achieved this feat. They use the most qualified and talented technicians. All their products lines are assembled in the country.

Nice Apollo has diversified into different lines of production ranging from slide gate operators, swing gate operators, barrier arm operators, and so on. Nice Apollo slide gate operators include the following: 8500 ETL, 8300 ETL, 7500 ETL, 7400 ETL, 7300 ETL, 7200 ETL, 7100 ETL as well as 7000 ETL. In the same way, the company has produced different lines of Swing gate operators. The most prominent among them includes the Nice Apollo 3600, 3500, 1650, 1600, 1724, 1824 and several others. All these product lines are available for you at the lowest prices once you source it from the right dealers.

Nice Apollo relies on solar to power its products. This is why their automatic gate products are eco friendly. Moreover, you can save substantial amount of money when you use their products, because it will not be connected to home power source. Their solar panel is such efficient that, you will always enjoy quality services.

You can see that many people in the country and beyond are using Nice Apollo automatic gate opener, because of its high-end services. The products can be used for different kinds of services such as commercial and private purposes. Here are some of the reasons you will consider Nice Apollo Gate opener, if you have not started using it.

Automatic Gate Opener Features

It provides improved security

If you use Nice Apollo automatic gate products in your home, you are sure of enjoying maximum security. It is programmed such that you would be instantly alerted when an unauthorized persons attempt to get access to your house through your door.

Enhanced functionality

Nice products lock automatically. You are not going to have any problem using the product. You are not going to encounter any problem using the doors. This door remains the best because it opens the lock automatically.

Elevated safety

Perhaps, the greatest benefit that you can derive from the automatic gate opener is that you are sure of enjoying an elevated level of safety. This is because the gates have important sensitive sensors located in the gate openers and they are intended to offer you better security. It ensures security by not opening.

Ease of use

These automatic gate openers were designed that it will be simple and easy to use. The gates are even easier to use compared to the manual gates. Its convenience is perhaps the most important selling point. The functions you want the gate performed for you are contained in the remote control. This means that you are not going to find it hard to manage these gates.

There are different sizes of these automatic gates. Before you make your choice, you have to measure your home to ensure that you get the correct size. Try Nice Apollo automatic gate openers and see the qualities that make it better.

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”NICE APOLLO GATE OPENERS” description=”A review of Nice Apollo Gate Openers” rev_name=”Nice Apollo Gate Openers” rev_body=”All” author=”JJ Gates” pubdate=”2016-02-15″ user_review=”5″ ]

Reliable Gate Repair Dallas | J&J Automatic Gate Repair

Ever wonder why your automatic driveway gate stopped working? 

We receive that question multiple times each day, and our service technicians are ready with practical answers to your questions. 

There are a variety of issues that can cause your automatic/driveway gate to not work properly. From disconnected power sources, worn out fuses on the control board, mechanical failure, excess debris in the slides or swing gate radius or simply wear and tear over the years. And while your automatic gate normally requires the minimal operating expense, they do require service or fixes at some point to ensure you receive reliable service from your home investment.

Many times a week, our gate repair customers have trouble with their automatic driveway gates, that can be serviced and repair on-site within a few hours at most. Our experienced and trained gate service technicians bring with them many of the common tools and parts, and after a quick diagnosis and a no-obligation cost estimate, we can have your automatic gate back in smooth operation the same day.

In the event we need to order special parts for replacement, we will provide an estimated time of delivery and scheduled follow up to return and install the new part to complete your gate repair service. Our customer support specialists will communicate with you about any follow-up service and plan for a time that is convenient for you.

So, when it is a good time to have your gate serviced?

Early detection is key. If you notice any of the following issues with your automatic driveway gate, it’s a good time to talk with one of our service technicians to possibly prevent a future repair issue.

  • If you have a sliding gate, and the chain is loose and/or touching the ground.
  • If your single or double swing gate starts to slam into the steel post when closing.
  • If you hear a grinding or screeching noise during the opening and closing cycle.
  • If you notice your electric gate movement slows down during the opening or closing cycle.
  • And, if you notice any “odd behavior” regarding power or operation of the gate.

Any of the above issues can be a precursor to more severe problems and more costly repairs later on. Similar to preventative medicine, it’s good to catch an operation problem early.

If you are a homeowner or business owner and in need of gate repair in Dallas, contact J&J Gates today and schedule a visit for gate repair, service, and installation throughout the Dallas area.

3 Gate Repair Quick Fixes

Automatic gate installations not only add aesthetic appeal to your property, they provide many other benefits as well. Some of them include:

  • Extra security: Having an automatic gate on your property helps to keep intruders away, which drastically reduces the chances of your home being subject to criminal activity. These gates also keep pets and small children in, so you won’t have to worry about them wandering off or running into the street.
  • Help reduce home insurance costs: The extra protection that automatic gates provide is also valuable when it’s time to get a good home insurance policy. Insurance companies will be more likely to offer you a policy at a much more reasonable price than if you didn’t have one of these installations.** Privacy: No longer will you have to deal with unwelcome knocks on the door, gate installations give you complete control on who can enter your property.
  • Increase the value of your home: The benefits that automatic gate installations provide make them a valuable asset when it’s time for you to sell your home.

All of these advantages offer a peace of mind that is hard to beat. So, when custom gate installations stop working, it can be quite frustrating. Thankfully, most problems have quick fixes that don’t require professional help. Interested in learning more? Keep reading for DIY gate repair tips to help you keep your gate working optimally and to keep some extra bucks in your pocket:

3 Gate Repair Quick Fixes

  1. Check to see if the gate is receiving power: This can be done by checking to see if the peripheral equipment on your gate is working. If they’re not receiving power, it’s a safe bet to say that your gate isn’t either. Head to your fuse box and if the electric mains are switched off, turn them on. If they are on, check your wiring to see if it has been damaged. If so, call a professional to have them replaced.
  2. Check your control boxes and/or photo safety sensors once every couple of months: Geckos, ants, vermin, etc. love to hide in these warm places, but this can prevent your automatic game from opening and closing. If you find any unwanted intruders, take a soft, dry cloth and gently remove them.
  3. Check your gate track: Stones, leaves, sticks, and other obstructions in or around your gate track may cause your gate to stick and prevent your motor from working optimally. Use a garden broom to sweep them away.

Last But Not Least…

If you don’t have the time to try out the above quick fixes for yourself, consider hiring a professional and reputable gate repair specialist to get your gate back to optimal working condition. This ensures that it will be serviced by a well-trained, licensed and insured expert who will be able to get to the root of the problem quickly and easily. In this way, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done right the first time.

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8 Reasons to have your automatic gate professionally installed

Installing an automatic gate system can be a surprisingly complicated procedure and it’s essential that those contracted to undertake the work are fully experienced professionals who understand the many issues that can arise. Automatic gates are as variable as the properties to which they are installed, and each set-up needs to be carefully and appropriately configured. Here we’ll take a look at the most important aspects to be aware of when undertaking automatic gate installations and consider a few useful tips to help address any problems that may crop-up.

Slopes & Gradients Need To Be Considered

While it’s not impossible to fit automatic gates on an inclined driveway it can substantially complicate the process. This is mainly an issue with swing gates as it required substantially more mechanical power for them to operate smoothly when based upon an incline, which is why in these cases most reputable service providers will suggest that their client opt for a slider or cantilever system instead.

Power & Durability Are Essential & Must Be Appropriate For The Gates

The weight and size of the gates are going to determine the amount of power required for the system to run satisfactorily. An under-powered system isn’t only going to open slowly, it’ll also wear out far quicker especially with regular use. Clients are always advised to ensure that the machinery being installed is going to be able to handle the selected gates with ease; a simply done process by checking the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Bear in mind that automotive systems installed upon inappropriate gates will likely also invalidate warranty.

Will the Gates Work Without Automation?

An important yet often overlooked factor is considering whether the gates will still be able to be opened and closed manually in the case of a power or system failure. As an additional caveat to this point also consider how easily the gates operate – do they scrape or wobble when being opened? If so it’s important that this is put right before an automatic system is installed.


This is especially important for underground systems, as while machinery is designed to be water resistant it will eventually fail if constantly water-logged. Quality installation engineers will usually be able to find a solution for drainage issues as they tend to be very particular to individual properties, but again it’s important to be aware of this as a potential issue.


Again highly particular to the geographic position of the property, but wind can have a major role to play in undermining the effectiveness, strength and durability of automatic gate systems. Even a light wind can seriously hamper a low-power system, and it’s important that clients discuss this with their engineers. This will not only affect swing gates either – the issue can be as significant with sliding/cantilever set-ups too.

Controls & Access

Technology has advanced rapidly with automatic gates over the past few years, with many people now using GPS technology on their vehicles alongside the traditional keypad/token/radio systems. Consider how access is to be provided not just to authorized vehicles but also deliveries and pedestrians – it’s likely that a voice-box relay will need to be included with a remote access protocol controlled from the home/property.


As a rule sliding gates provide more security than swing gates, but both can be reinforced with additional locks should high levels of security be required. Remember to consider that additional security features will add to the weight of the gates and consequently demand more power – usually in excess of a common 24V system.

Use Professional Services

Having the help of experienced and qualified experts will ensure that automatic gates work to maximum efficiency without compromising on essential security or reliability. Indeed many manufacturers make it a condition of their product warranty that only certified engineers may install their systems, which is why they so often come complete with long term guarantees. Automatic gates can be configured to maximum efficiency on any property providing the service providers are specialized in the necessary skills.

These eight points will have highlighted that custom and automatic gate installations can be more complicated than many expect, yet as with all property improvements expertise and experience will go a long way in ensuring long term satisfaction.

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Common Issues With Automatic Gates

For most homeowners, finding things that they can add to their residence that are functional and appealing is a top concern. Taking the time to figure out which additions make the most sense will help you make the right decision. Having automatic gates installed around a home is a great way to add more curb appeal, which is important, not only for selling your home, but the presentation of your home to both your friends and neighbors alike.

After the gate is installed, the homeowner will have to stay on the lookout for these common automatic gate repair issues:

The cold weather can be problematic

During the colder parts of the year, a homeowner may begin to notice more problems with their automatic gate. The colder weather will make it hard for the metal components of the fence to move freely. Calling on the same professionals that performed the automatic gate installations will help a homeowner get to the bottom of their issue. Usually, the repair professionals will be able to lubricate the moving parts of the gate. This will help is to move freely and can reduce the amount of repair issues that the homeowner has. The longer that the homeowner waits to get their automatic gate lubricated, the more damage they will have to ultimately deal with.

A total lack of movement

If the automatic gate around a home gets to where it will not move, the homeowner will have to take swift action to fix it. This type of issue is generally caused by a problem with the motor or electrical system that is built into the gate. The homeowner will have to call in a professional to handle this type of issue due to the complexity involved. Getting a professional to come in and troubleshoot the system will allow the homeowner to get down to the bottom of their power issue. In some instances, the gate’s motor may have issues and will need to be replaced. The professionals will have no problem getting to the bottom of these issues and performing the appropriate repairs.

 The gate does not stop as intended

Having an automatic gate that will not stop can be very dangerous and problematic to a homeowner. Generally, this issue is caused by a bad motion sensor. Getting the sensor repaired will require a person to ire the right professionals. Attempting to replace this part without the proper experience will usually lead to even more problems for the homeowner. Hiring a professional is the only way to get the right replacement parts and installation work needed. Usually, the professionals will come out and troubleshoot the sensor problems before letting the homeowner know what needs to be done. Before making a hire, a homeowner will need to research each of the automatic gate repair companies in an area to see which one is the best qualified for the work they need.

Issues with the gate staying on track

In order for an automatic gate to work correctly, it will have to stay on track. Over the years, the door to the automatic gate may become a bit warped due to continued use. If the gate is warped, it will be very easy for it to get knocked off the tracks. Having this part replaced is usually the best way for a homeowner to stop this issue. The money that is paid to a professional for their work is worth every penny and will help to keep the automatic gate functional. Attempting to repair an automatic gate without previous experience is a recipe for disaster.

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Upgrade Your Home’s Gate Opener or Operator – Dependable Home Access

If you’ve become accustomed to the a certain amount of control and access to your home for security and safety reasons, then you know how much you depend upon your gate operator or gate opener. You and your family depend on daily use day after day and year after year. However, after years of use, it may be time to look at upgrading your home’s gate operator and taking advantage of today’s connectivity features and safety controls. From sliding gates to swing gates, J&J Gate Service and Design has a variety of gate operator options and access control systems that fit your family and home’s needs.

Today’s new residential gate operator packages offer new built-in smart phone controls including the ability to open and close your gate from anywhere, even control your home’s lighting from a smartphone, tablet or computer. New access control safety features provide solid, vandal-resistant backlit enclosures to protect from unwanted entry along with anti-tamper alerts and alarms that are triggered upon tampering with the device.

When it comes to sustainable power, almost every gate operator and access control package comes with back-up power capability along with reliable solar power system, great for rural applications, but are a reliable feature for any home to make sure you have power you can rely on. Aditionally, the U.S. Federal Government is still offering financial credit to homeowners that take advantage of the solar powered access control systems which can equal up to 40% off the installed cost of their system. Ask one of our trained technicians for more details about the equipment and cost of installation that you can receive in tax credits.

It’s true, we depend upon our gate system every day. It’s time to talk with J&J Gates Service and Design today about how we can increase your home’s safety, security and gate opener reliability today.

J&J Gate Service and Design serves the homes and businesses throughout Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Give us a call at 817-466-2794 today and let us provide a FREE cost estimate.

Automatic Gate Openers and Operators, Installation and Repair

Have you checked your automatic gate opener recently? If you are like most homeowners, probably not, unless you have noticed symptoms that it isn’t operating properly or it has broken altogether. Like most automatic gates, gate openers and operators of both swing and sliding gates need repair and maintenance to keep them running and performing properly. From a simple battery check, to diagnosing your access control operation as as well as gate operation, some scheduled maintenance to your automatic gate can extend the life and operation for years to come and save you costs along the way.

If you are looking to upgrade the functionality, security and access control features of your automatic gates such as remote keypad, phone and control devices, solar-powered panels to reduce operating costs or advanced access control systems that offer automatic activation code renewal upon each access request, then contact J&J Gate Service & Design today and let us show you the new, reliable options and capabilities from Elite, Apollo and LiftMaster gate operators, openers and access control systems.

Have one of our certified technicians and gate experts diagnose, repair or replace broken or underperforming parts, access control system malfunctions and return your gate back to smooth, consistent and dependable operation for your daily use. J&J Gate Service & Design is an Arlington, TX based business and specializes in automatic gate installation and repair serving the homes and business customers throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

Contact us today for a FREE quote on repair, service or installation today at 817-446-2794.