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Benefits of an Automatic Gate

There are so many reasons to have an automatic gate installed at your home or business that anyone that can get one, should. They are a great way to keep your privacy and increase the value of your home, they also look really cool when you are letting someone into your house. Here are a few more in-depth reasons why an automatic gate would be the perfect addition for you.


An automatic gate that was installed

There Are Gates for Every Style of Home out There.

When you have an automatic gate on your property it can keep the bad things out, but it can also keep the people you love. This will provide the first line of safety for your home and family, which we can’t get enough of these days.

Property Value

Because an automatic gate will make your home more appealing to the eye, it will then increase your property value. The nicer your home, the more people are willing to spend on it.


Insurance companies love automatic gates. They add an extra level of protection to your home which in turn help from things like robberies and vandalism. If you and your home are kept safe, the insurance companies may even lower your insurance bill.


Do you have a nosey neighbor that likes to get a good look at you all the time? An automatic gate can help stop that problem. It will make it so the only people that can come up to your house, are the people you let in yourself. You can have a more private home instead of anyone being able to look up your driveway.

The more you know about automatic gate systems, the more you will see why so many people are getting them now a day. If you have questions about added benefits or pricing, give us a call today at 817-466-2794 and let us help you decide if an automatic gate is right for you.

Choosing the right Driveway Gate

Whatever your reasoning for installing automatic driveway gates, security or improving the overall appearance of your property, choosing the right products from the outset can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Automatic Driveway Gate Types

There are two types of gate automation widely used; sliding gates and swing gates, there are also a few variations on these two basic operating methods.

Sliding gates can be track mounted, a track system is installed to the driveway surface and the gate runs on this track. This particular type of installation requires a leveled driveway for the track system to be installed on.

Alternatively if the driveway surface is uneven, a cantilever sliding gate can be installed. The gate is designed to run on a pivotal point usually near the gate motor, which suspends the gate over the driveway.

Swing gates can be either a single leaf or a twin leaf design, both operating in similar ways. You have the choice of a gate mounted operator or underground gate operators. With gate mounted operators, the installation tends to be less expensive due to the saving on groundworks. With an underground gate mechanism, the motors are enclosed in a housing that is flush with the ground level so you can’t actually see the gate motor. Although underground gate operators have a more pleasing appearance, this type of installation is not suitable in areas of flooding as adequate drainage is essential for trouble free operation.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Driveway Gates

Traditionally wrought iron, steel and timber gates are installed, but increasingly aluminium is being used as an alternative due to the low maintenance requirements. The materials the gate is manufactured from can significantly impact on the overall cost of the installation. A solid hardwood gate that is fully boarded would cost approximately double for a similar installation in softwood. The additional material costs and the increased cost due to the gates requires an experienced, heavy duty gate operator.

Choosing The Right Installer

Nobody knows your lifestyle better than you. Consideration should be given to how many times a day your gates will be used, if you work from home and are constantly taking deliveries all day, the duty cycle of the automation may need to be considered. The type and weight of gate installed could determine which gate operator is used, electromechanical or hydraulic which is commonly used on hardwood gates due to the weight. It is essential that your gate installer specifies the products to be used when quoting for the works, and do your research on the automation your installer proposes to use. Go for an automatic gate installations company that your satisfaction as a client and quality of services is paramount.

Choosing Access System

Your decision to purchase automatic gates was likely to have been influenced by securing your property. However from time to time visitors and delivery drivers will need to access your property. You will most likely use remote control key fobs to enter and exit but it is not practical or cost effective to give everybody that may use your automated gates a remote key fob. Instances like these require additional access options. Intercoms systems and keypads are the best products to install. Intercoms come in many different forms. GSM intercoms are ever increasing in popularity because they allow the flexibility to open your automated gates from virtually anywhere in the world, so you won’t miss your delivery even when you’re at work.


You may have many reasons for installing an automatic driveway gate,  choosing the right gate from the star will save you a lot of money, as well as time, in the grand scheme of things.


Custom Gate Installations and Choosing the Best Type

When people buy a new home or make renovations to the house that they are living in, they usually make all kinds of important decisions. From choosing the color paint to be placed on the walls in every room to furnishing the home with the latest appliances, homeowners normally have their hands full trying to make the best decisions possible.

Though the decisions that’s made may take a little time to get it right, homeowners must also concentrate part of their efforts on the outside too. For instance, the owner may have to choose the type of automatic gate that they want installed around their home and their property. When this is the situation, the owner will need to know the differences between the types of gates that’s available in the industry today. Some of the more common types of automatic gates include those that function in 3 different ways, and they include those that swing open, slide, or lift. All of which can be provided as custom options for the homeowner when they make a decision for them to be installed.

When a home owner is making this decision, they will also need to determine what kind of materials that they want to be used (i.e. aluminum, steel or wood). If the owner is looking to save money on the cost of their gates, they will find that the most affordable options are made out of aluminum, while the next least expensive is option is made out of wood. However, if the owner has the money and want to pay the premium price for the best custom gate appearance, they should invest their money into gate styles that’s made of steel. With this being said, here’s 3 types of automatic custom gates that can be customized and a brief description of each.

Gates that Lifts

Once the owner of the home has selected the type of material that should be used, they will need to decide which type of automatic gate that they prefer. Deciding which ones is best for their home is also a factor in making an informed decision. This is because if the owner needs more space for their gate, they should choose a gate that lifts instead of slides. This kind of gate is normally used for business facilities instead of homes. However, if this type of gate is installed in a home, people will normally find that these automatic gates are space eaters in the drive way.

Wooden Gates that Slide

If the homeowner is not interested in installing a gate that lifts, they may decide to choose the slide gate. This type of gate is the best option if the ground on the property is un-leveled. This is because the sliding gates are designed to function at an angle. Therefore, if there are problems with the structure of the land, the owner will not be required to level it out prior to its installation.

Gates that Swing Open

Gates that swing open is the last option that’s offered and it is also one of the most affordable for those who are operating on a tight budget. Therefore, if the ground is level and no other known problems exists, the owner may choose the swing gate. This gate is easy to install and has the simplest functionality.

Deciding which gate to install on a homeowner’s property is not difficult if the owner knows what is available in the industry. One of the first decisions is choosing what kind of custom made gate that they really want and can afford. These automatic gates are made of three different kinds of materials including aluminum, wood and steel. So, once the homeowner has decided the type of material to be used, they can concentrate on the type of gate to be installed and they include lift gates, slide gates or gates that swing open.

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Automatic Gates: More common issues

Automatic gates can be a godsend; they make security simple and painless, but they are not without their issues. Below are some common issues that homeowners with automatic gates face, and how to solve them.

Cold temperatures

Cold causes metal to contract, which can interfere with the proper function of a gate, and grease not specifically designed for colder temperatures may thicken and make the gate open slowly or even not at all. Additionally, the battery may not be able to fully connect and complete a circuit as the metal components in and outside the battery box cool. However, there are several things a gate repair technician can do. They can insulate the box with Styrofoam or other material, to help keep the battery at a more moderate temperature. They can also replace the battery if it’s been corroded or simply has exceeded its lifespan, which can be worsened by poor weather conditions.

Improper installation

Sometimes, you may purchase a home that already has an automatic gate installed. However, if the gate was not installed properly, you will undoubtedly run into problems. If a swinging gate is not installed properly on a slanted driveway, for instance, you may not be able to open or close the gate all the way. Our company provides custom gate installations that are guaranteed to function, and we also provide gate repair for your automatic gate, to keep it in good order as it ages.


Sticks, leaves, rocks, and other natural impediments can affect how a gate functions. When considering automatic gate installations, it’s important to take into consideration natural factors such as trees that may drop leaves or branches onto the track of the gate, as well as manmade factors like proximity to a road that might kick up gravel into the way. Gate installations can be expensive, so when choosing to take that step, our technicians can work with you to ensure that no natural factors will affect the functioning of your gate. You want to simply drive up, press the button, and be on your way, without having to worry about clearing a path, which rather defeats the purpose of the gate to start with.

Ensure your gate functions manually

There may be times you need to open the gate manually – during a power outage, or when it breaks and you haven’t had a chance to call the repair man yet. Avoid being trapped on your own property, and make sure during the installation process that there is a backup procedure for opening your gate manually.


Having an automatic gate can be a convenient way to help increase the security and aesthetic appeal of your home. However, if problems arise, they can be more of a hindrance than a help. Our company is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your gate, from installation to repairs, without having to worry about doing any of the work yourself. You’re busy, and you want your gate to integrate seamlessly into your life without you having to think about it. We’re committed to helping you do just that. So whether you need a custom gate installation or just battery replacement, we’re here to help.

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Automatic gate repair & installation in the Dallas-FW-Arlington areas

Does your home have an automatic gate repair problem? Sagging gate, sliding rail problems, slow operating gate, opener problems, access control issues or even damaged components? It’s surprising how much we all rely on our automatic gates to run seamlessly day-in and day-out. Besides offering homes a beautiful appeal to the property, they also bring peace of mind and level of security to our property that we depend on every day. When you have a broken or non-functioning automatic gate, it adds a level of stress to our busy day and feels like having our back door open all day and night.

So, you need a gate repair source that is fast and convenient, and an expert for when it comes to diagnosing and repairing common, or not-so-common automatic gate trouble. J&J Gates is a professional and experienced automatic gate service company and operates throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington areas, bringing homeowners and businesses reliable gate repair and gate installation services that you can trust.

When you call J&J Gate Service and Design, you’ll receive:

  • A quick scheduled appointment from our customer service representative, that is convenient for you.
  • An experienced and reliable technician to provide a FREE on-site estimate of any repairs.
  • We will talk with you about service options to fix and repair the automatic gate system and answer any questions you may have.
  • Most repairs can be done on-site and on the first visit. In the event that we need to order parts, we will schedule a quick return to complete it.
  • Address any possible future problems to help you plan for future issues.

On most of our daily, scheduled visits, we repair your automatic gate quickly and have you back in operation, as we prepare ahead of time. If however, it is discovered that you need replacement parts or equipment, we will schedule the return visit as quickly as possible. Our trained and expert technicians are glad to answer any questions and in addition, we focus on preventative maintenance to help you plan ahead for any possible future repairs or problems.

If you’ve got an automatic gate repair problem, J&J Gates has your answer. Call us today, and schedule a convenient on-site visit.

Having Gate Problems? We’ve Got Your Automatic Gate Repair Solution.

At J&J Gate Service and Design, our expertise and experience extends to diagnostic services, complete automatic gate repair and maintenance to operator repair or replacement. We want to be your source for repair, service, replacement and installation of all types of residential and commercial gates, openers and operators for swing gates and sliding gates.

Here is a more complete list of our driveway or automatic gate service listing:

  • Driveway/Automatic Gate Service and Maintenance:
  • Gate opener repair and replacement
  • Gate access control repair and replacement
  • Gate welding and repairs
  • Sliding gate track installation and replacement
  • Sagging Swing gate repair
  • Electric gate programming
  • Wood, iron, steel repair and replacement
  • Gate remote correction
  • Custom design gates
  • Damaged gate repair
  • Remote card reader repair
  • Parking and barrier gate repair

Your J&J Gate Service and Design technician will meet with you and diagnose any repair or servicing issues with your gate including battery, electric or solar power issues, gate openers and operators as well as all functioning aspects of your swing gate or slide gate. We work on all sizes of gates can can normally provide a quick, FREE estimate of options for your review prior to servicing. Additionally, we are glad to show you additional options for part repairs or replacements needed and answer all of your questions on site.

Call us today and our customer support will schedule you a visit with one of our reliable technicians today!

Custom driveway gate design and installation from J&J Gates

When you are looking for a custom driveway gate design that not only performs perfectly, but is both beautiful and is constructed and installed by professionals, look no further than Arlington’s own J&J Gate Service and Design.

We have consistently provided customers in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas with a trusted source for creating the right style and design as well as functionality that add real value to your home or business property. From the overall design process, to custom fabrication of steel, iron, wood and more that reflects the style and setting of your home and property to the final installation, J&J Gate Service and Design provides the options, competitive pricing and exceptional service.

All our custom designs start with a detailed CAD drawing, which include your driveway gate dimensions, and choice of metal, iron, steel and wood fabrication selections. We provide the options you need to make your decision prior to the custom gate fabrication to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind driveway gate design solution that fits you best. And we stand behind our construction and are available to provide on-going service or repair in the future.

Call J&J Gate Service and Design today at 817-466-2794 for a FREE custom driveway gate design for your home today.

Custom Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Design and Installation

J&J Gates Service and Design is known best for its serving of automatic driveway gates as well as its professional installation teams attention to detail from the initial design to the experienced welders and craftsman to fabricate every custom gate they install.

However, with many customers, we are called to extend the gate design into a full-scale perimeter fence which might include installing matching stone pillars and other customized anchors that support wrought iron fence all the way around the home or business property. It’s a delicate combination of incorporating beauty, design and functionality.

Custom wrought iron gate styles normally feature a variety of “spear top” welded pickets of quality steel construction and finished with a powder coated protective surface. Ornamental iron fence panels bring offer strength and durability while delivery a unique and classic design to any home or property. Best of all, we can provide a supported design to match your already installed driveway gate or have your new gate match your wrought iron fence.

Call J&J Gate Service and Design today at 817-466-2794 and talk with our customer support and about designing and installing your home’s new custom wrought iron fence and gate today.

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Driveway Gates?

With driveway gates – and this is no joke – you can pay $2,500 on the low end and $50,000 or more on the high end.

Seriously. They’re just like houses. You can get something that’s small and simple that does only what you need. Or you can go with big and beautiful gates, or pretty much as high as your budget allows.

So let’s take a look at what makes one gate cheap and another much more expensive:

  1. Amount of Maintenance Required

This is how it works with just about every product you can buy. Cheaper gates require more maintenance. Insects can crawl inside the gate or gate operator more easily and make their new home there. The physical gate and circuitry doesn’t resist damage from use and the weather as well either.

So, you pay a low price now, but maintenance and service costs catch up with you a little later.

With a more expensive gate, the circuitry and gate is built with a stronger resistance to damage. The gates themselves can even include maintenance-free hinges.

Generally, higher-price security gates and gate operators save you money on maintenance and service calls over the long run.

  1. You’ll Miss Out on Certain Safety Features

You don’t have to pay for a “vehicle detection loop.” In case you don’t know, that’s an underground apparatus that detects whether or not a car is just above the loop. The same thing is found around most traffic lights. When the loop notices a car, the security gate stays open.

If you don’t install a vehicle detection loop, which you can certainly do, automatic gates shut after a few seconds. And if your friend or neighbor has their care there, it’s going to get damaged.

Hopefully they’re nice and don’t hold you responsible for it. But there’s no guarantees that’ll happen. So you can get stuck with a costly repair bill or higher insurance premiums by trying to save a little money now.

  1. The Contractor’s Experience And Skill

Have you ever thought of going to the doctor that works out of a hotel room you enter through an alley late at night?

Few, if any, sane people do.

That’s kind of what it’s like when you go with a “handyman” contractor or one clearly with not a whole lot of experience in gate installation. It’s just not a good idea in most cases.

Go after the contractors with extensive experience and demonstrated skill. Look at pictures of their past work to judge their skill. Note the kinds of homes and businesses they’ve done work for.

Consider all these factors after researching them, and then go with the contractor that rates the best in your judgment.

What Should You Look for in a Gate Installation Contractor?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and have a beautiful security gate installed at your home.

You know you’re going to do it, but you’re having a hard time choosing who you’d like to do it. After all, if you’re going to spend several thousand dollars on this, it had better be done right, well, and on time.

You want to find that dream contractor (and we know you dream about gate installation contractors all the time!) that does everything right, with absolutely no intervention from you.

But you’ve heard all those horror stories about contractors. And maybe you’ve had a sour experience or two yourself.

It happens. Nobody’s perfect. And some are just out to get you. Or more precisely, your money.

But if you know what to look for before you hire a contractor, you virtually guarantee yourself a great service experience.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check Their Online Reviews

Most businesses don’t forge their own reviews online. But sometimes it happens, so you do have to be a little skeptical.

Go to their Facebook page, Yelp, and Google their business name to read their Google reviews. Check them out at the BBB.

If you notice strong agreement among all the resources you check, that’s a good indicator you’ve found a good contractor.

  1. Meet Them in Person – But Don’t Buy Right Away

You should always meet the contractor in person. Remember, with the best contractors, working with them is clear and simple.

You shouldn’t feel any confusion about who they are, what they do, or how they work. If you ask a question more than once and don’t get a straight answer, strongly consider not working with that contractor.

Some will gently pressure you to buy now. A little “push” from the contractor is okay. If they ask you once to buy today, don’t get too suspicious of that.

But if they use heavy pressure, asking you multiple times and offering you discounts each time you say no, don’t use that contractor. Run away from them!

  1. Keep Talking to Contractors Until You Find the One You’re Comfortable With

If you don’t like the first contractor you talk with, keep chatting to more. If you talk to a second, third, and even fourth, and still have no luck, keep looking. If you have to delay your gate for months, be willing to do that. If you talk to a contractor with 3 decades of experience, and they rub you the wrong way, keep searching.

Because if someone rubs you wrong, something’s going to go wrong when you work together. Maybe they start 2 months after they said they would. Maybe they come up with additional charges you didn’t know about. Maybe their work quality stinks.

You don’t know what it will be – but it will be something.

It’ll save you time, frustration, and stress when you find the right contractor.