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Automatic gates add comfort and beauty to your home

Do you have a beautiful automatic gate that you simply love? If so, you probably love the comfort and security that it supplies you and your family. But when that same lovely gate acts up then it becomes an eyesore that limits your ability to move to and from your property. This is a common problem that can have many different causes. If your automatic gate is acting up there is no reason to pull your hair out. Gate repair can be simple to fix if you know where and what to look for. Today, we are going to take a look at several reasons why your gate is not working and what you can do to resolve the problem quickly and safely.

Why Doesn’t Your Gate Work?

You did not have it professionally installed– Professional automatic gate installations normally do not have issues until years after they have been installed. But if you decided to go with a company or person that does not specialize in this type of service, you are putting yourself at risk. If you have fallen victim to this less than lackluster service you are going to need to seek the help of a professional to fix the problem.

The problem could be simple– That gate remote control box that you often refer to as the clicker is often the reason your gate will not open. So before you get on the phone with your gate company make sure to change the remote batteries. This just might save you a ton of money in the long run.

Something has gotten in the track– After most gate installations, the technician will likely go over how your gate operates. If they did then you know that the track is a major part of the operating system. If something falls in the track it will often stop the gate from moving causing it to get stuck. If this happens, make sure to turn off the power before removing the obstruction. This is a simple fix that most homeowners will feel comfortable fixing on their own.

The gate does not stop in the right place– Is your gate stopping before it closes all the way? After making sure that there is nothing blocking the track, you just might want to call a professional gate repair company. It’s more likely you are having a limit switch problem that is causing your gate not to stop in the right spot. This repair may require replacement of electrical parts and needs to be repaired be a professional.

Power outage– Many times your gate issues are due to a power outage. This can be a simple issue that can be fixed with a flip of a breaker. When custom gate installations occur, most of the time a technician will inform the homeowner where the power breaker is located. After making sure that nothing is obstructing the gate, you can reset the power by simply turning the gate breaker back on. Always remember to be very careful when dealing with the electrical panel.

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Repairing your automatic gate

Automatic gates add beauty and security to your property. These gates are both appealing to the eye and very convenient. But these gates come with some owner responsibility and keeping them running smoothly can be a big of a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. There are several things that can go wrong that can actually be fixed by you the homeowner. Today, we are going to take a look at several common automatic gate repair issue that you may face. This will help save you time and frustration if you follow these simple tips and tricks.

Identify Automatic Gate Issues

  • Track issues– Automatic gates are guided by a track that runs along the ground and sometimes above in the air. These tracks can cause issues if they become obstructed. Trash and debris can fall in these tracks and cause your gate to get stuck. A great way to prevent this problem is to clean out tracks once a month to prevent buildup. After a heavy rain or a windy day, you may also want to go out and check the gate track to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Problems with the remote– Sometimes automatic gate repair can be a simple fix. Remotes can be the root of the cause and the fix is often battery related. To prevent having remote issues, why not replace the batteries once every few months? New batteries can prevent a bigger issue and no one likes to be locked outside of their property if they are in a hurry.
  • A tripped breaker– Sometimes an automatic gate gets stuck. This can cause an overload in power as the gate tries to overcome the obstetrical. When this happens the breaker that is connected to the gate motor will overload and trip out. To solve this problem, you first have to remove the obstetrical. Then when the gate is clear you can safely turn the breaker back on. Professional automatic gate installations will help reduce this issue by properly installing the track.
  • Stuck in manual mode– After gate an installation, sometimes the technician will show you how to put your gate in manual mode which is necessary for many small repairs. But sometimes when custom gate installations occur the owner is never shown this option. If this happens to you call the company that put your gate in or refer to your owners manual.
  • Pests– This can be a big issue for anyone. Pests such as rats and squirrels can get inside the inner workings of a gate. This is a sensitive area that contains wiring and motor controls. If a pest chews on electrical parts it can cause damage and can even become dangerous. This problem should always be handled by a professional due to the dangers of electricity. Also, make sure to contact someone that specializes in automatic gate repair so that your gate is always properly cared for. Many companies that install gates also repair them. You might want to contact the company that put your gate in.

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Automatic gate repair & installation in the Dallas-FW-Arlington areas

Does your home have an automatic gate repair problem? Sagging gate, sliding rail problems, slow operating gate, opener problems, access control issues or even damaged components? It’s surprising how much we all rely on our automatic gates to run seamlessly day-in and day-out. Besides offering homes a beautiful appeal to the property, they also bring peace of mind and level of security to our property that we depend on every day. When you have a broken or non-functioning automatic gate, it adds a level of stress to our busy day and feels like having our back door open all day and night.

So, you need a gate repair source that is fast and convenient, and an expert for when it comes to diagnosing and repairing common, or not-so-common automatic gate trouble. J&J Gates is a professional and experienced automatic gate service company and operates throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington areas, bringing homeowners and businesses reliable gate repair and gate installation services that you can trust.

When you call J&J Gate Service and Design, you’ll receive:

  • A quick scheduled appointment from our customer service representative, that is convenient for you.
  • An experienced and reliable technician to provide a FREE on-site estimate of any repairs.
  • We will talk with you about service options to fix and repair the automatic gate system and answer any questions you may have.
  • Most repairs can be done on-site and on the first visit. In the event that we need to order parts, we will schedule a quick return to complete it.
  • Address any possible future problems to help you plan for future issues.

On most of our daily, scheduled visits, we repair your automatic gate quickly and have you back in operation, as we prepare ahead of time. If however, it is discovered that you need replacement parts or equipment, we will schedule the return visit as quickly as possible. Our trained and expert technicians are glad to answer any questions and in addition, we focus on preventative maintenance to help you plan ahead for any possible future repairs or problems.

If you’ve got an automatic gate repair problem, J&J Gates has your answer. Call us today, and schedule a convenient on-site visit.

Reliable Gate Repair Dallas | J&J Automatic Gate Repair

Ever wonder why your automatic driveway gate stopped working? 

We receive that question multiple times each day, and our service technicians are ready with practical answers to your questions. 

There are a variety of issues that can cause your automatic/driveway gate to not work properly. From disconnected power sources, worn out fuses on the control board, mechanical failure, excess debris in the slides or swing gate radius or simply wear and tear over the years. And while your automatic gate normally requires the minimal operating expense, they do require service or fixes at some point to ensure you receive reliable service from your home investment.

Many times a week, our gate repair customers have trouble with their automatic driveway gates, that can be serviced and repair on-site within a few hours at most. Our experienced and trained gate service technicians bring with them many of the common tools and parts, and after a quick diagnosis and a no-obligation cost estimate, we can have your automatic gate back in smooth operation the same day.

In the event we need to order special parts for replacement, we will provide an estimated time of delivery and scheduled follow up to return and install the new part to complete your gate repair service. Our customer support specialists will communicate with you about any follow-up service and plan for a time that is convenient for you.

So, when it is a good time to have your gate serviced?

Early detection is key. If you notice any of the following issues with your automatic driveway gate, it’s a good time to talk with one of our service technicians to possibly prevent a future repair issue.

  • If you have a sliding gate, and the chain is loose and/or touching the ground.
  • If your single or double swing gate starts to slam into the steel post when closing.
  • If you hear a grinding or screeching noise during the opening and closing cycle.
  • If you notice your electric gate movement slows down during the opening or closing cycle.
  • And, if you notice any “odd behavior” regarding power or operation of the gate.

Any of the above issues can be a precursor to more severe problems and more costly repairs later on. Similar to preventative medicine, it’s good to catch an operation problem early.

If you are a homeowner or business owner and in need of gate repair in Dallas, contact J&J Gates today and schedule a visit for gate repair, service, and installation throughout the Dallas area.

Having Gate Problems? We’ve Got Your Automatic Gate Repair Solution.

At J&J Gate Service and Design, our expertise and experience extends to diagnostic services, complete automatic gate repair and maintenance to operator repair or replacement. We want to be your source for repair, service, replacement and installation of all types of residential and commercial gates, openers and operators for swing gates and sliding gates.

Here is a more complete list of our driveway or automatic gate service listing:

  • Driveway/Automatic Gate Service and Maintenance:
  • Gate opener repair and replacement
  • Gate access control repair and replacement
  • Gate welding and repairs
  • Sliding gate track installation and replacement
  • Sagging Swing gate repair
  • Electric gate programming
  • Wood, iron, steel repair and replacement
  • Gate remote correction
  • Custom design gates
  • Damaged gate repair
  • Remote card reader repair
  • Parking and barrier gate repair

Your J&J Gate Service and Design technician will meet with you and diagnose any repair or servicing issues with your gate including battery, electric or solar power issues, gate openers and operators as well as all functioning aspects of your swing gate or slide gate. We work on all sizes of gates can can normally provide a quick, FREE estimate of options for your review prior to servicing. Additionally, we are glad to show you additional options for part repairs or replacements needed and answer all of your questions on site.

Call us today and our customer support will schedule you a visit with one of our reliable technicians today!

Automatic Gate Repair – Reliable and Quality Gate Service

Like all things mechanical in and around your home, things will wear down or need some routine maintenance to stay in tip top performance, especially with something like your car, air conditioner/or heating system. The same holds true to a your home’s driveway gate. Your automatic gate gets a work out every day, and is depended upon to provide safe access to your property. And a minor repair or routine maintenance will certainly extend the longevity of your investment, but go a long way in early diagnosis of possible problems to correct before costly repairs occur.

At J&J Gate Service and Design, we specialize in designing, building AND maintaining your home’s driveway gate. In fact, we daily perform routine automatic gate repair service on any number of homes throughout the Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Our expert technicians are experienced in installing and maintaining Elite Gate Openers, Apollo Gate Openers and LiftMaster Gate Openers. And our personnel are reliable, fast and efficient when it comes to servicing gate repair.

Whatever the automatic gate repair issue you have, we will inspect your gate, opener, access control and performance and provide a free written estimate prior to performing any recommended service or repair.

Call us today if you have a possible problem that needs attention. If we are in your area, we might be able to scheduled you quickly. However, our customer support staff will schedule a free visit from one of our technicians and an estimate time of arrival to get you back and running quickly.

What Should You Look for in a Gate Installation Contractor?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and have a beautiful security gate installed at your home.

You know you’re going to do it, but you’re having a hard time choosing who you’d like to do it. After all, if you’re going to spend several thousand dollars on this, it had better be done right, well, and on time.

You want to find that dream contractor (and we know you dream about gate installation contractors all the time!) that does everything right, with absolutely no intervention from you.

But you’ve heard all those horror stories about contractors. And maybe you’ve had a sour experience or two yourself.

It happens. Nobody’s perfect. And some are just out to get you. Or more precisely, your money.

But if you know what to look for before you hire a contractor, you virtually guarantee yourself a great service experience.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check Their Online Reviews

Most businesses don’t forge their own reviews online. But sometimes it happens, so you do have to be a little skeptical.

Go to their Facebook page, Yelp, and Google their business name to read their Google reviews. Check them out at the BBB.

If you notice strong agreement among all the resources you check, that’s a good indicator you’ve found a good contractor.

  1. Meet Them in Person – But Don’t Buy Right Away

You should always meet the contractor in person. Remember, with the best contractors, working with them is clear and simple.

You shouldn’t feel any confusion about who they are, what they do, or how they work. If you ask a question more than once and don’t get a straight answer, strongly consider not working with that contractor.

Some will gently pressure you to buy now. A little “push” from the contractor is okay. If they ask you once to buy today, don’t get too suspicious of that.

But if they use heavy pressure, asking you multiple times and offering you discounts each time you say no, don’t use that contractor. Run away from them!

  1. Keep Talking to Contractors Until You Find the One You’re Comfortable With

If you don’t like the first contractor you talk with, keep chatting to more. If you talk to a second, third, and even fourth, and still have no luck, keep looking. If you have to delay your gate for months, be willing to do that. If you talk to a contractor with 3 decades of experience, and they rub you the wrong way, keep searching.

Because if someone rubs you wrong, something’s going to go wrong when you work together. Maybe they start 2 months after they said they would. Maybe they come up with additional charges you didn’t know about. Maybe their work quality stinks.

You don’t know what it will be – but it will be something.

It’ll save you time, frustration, and stress when you find the right contractor.

Why Have a Maintenance Contract for My Automatic Gate?

For most customers, and most likely for you, installing an automatic driveway gate is a significant investment.

What would you do if you didn’t perform the necessary maintenance, and then one day you need to pay for an expensive repair?

With anything you own – your car, your appliances, your home, and even your pets – you take good care of them throughout their lives:

  1. Because you value and love them
  2. You don’t want to see them experience any unnecessary damage, harm, or pain

So it only makes sense that you, or a professional, would take care of your automatic driveway gate too.

So let’s talk about why you would have a maintenance contract:

  1. You Don’t Want to Pay More for Repairs Later On

Taking care of the fix now, or doing maintenance ahead of time, prevents more expensive costs later on. Why pay $1000 for something that costs $150 – $250 now?

  1. You Don’t Have Time To Do the Maintenance

Unless you’re really the DIY type, there’s a fair amount of maintenance to do to keep your gate in top condition:

  • Wash and wax it once per year (the alternative is to have it removed and sandblasted, which isn’t cheap)
  • Annually inspecting and cleaning all circuitry of spider webs, snail and slug slime trails, bee nests, and ant colonies
  • Lubricate bearings
  • Lubricate internal chains on swing and slide gate operators (You shouldn’t use WD-40!)
  • Inspect your gate to ensure the gate opens and closes properly
  • Check gate operator to make sure it’s working as hard as it should
  • All equipment should also be checked to guarantee safety
  • Wire connections should be examined to make sure they’re tight and functioning as they’re supposed to

Do you know how to check those things, or do you have or want to take the time to check them every year?

  1. You Want Peace of Mind

Yes, your gate installation pro can teach you how to do the necessary maintenance. But when you have to examine your gate annually, will you remember exactly what to look for?

If you’re a small single family that only uses your gate a couple times per day, you only need an inexpensive annual maintenance plan that includes one yearly visit from a professional. If you frequently have visitors, you may need a more robust package that offers several visits per year. This would keep your costs under control.

So if you want to save money, don’t like doing the maintenance yourself, and you want peace of mind, maintenance contracts make sense.

Reliable, Automatic Gate Service and Repair in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas

Who do you call when your home or business plumbing needs to be fixed? How about your home security system? Or what about the need for a trusted electrician? Most everyone has a list of reliable sources that you can call at a moments notice that are trust-worthy to do the job right the first time, whether it’s a simple repair or necessary replacement part, large or small. For many homeowners and businesses in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, J&J Gate Service and Design IS that reliable automatic gate service and repair source that is called no matter what the need when it involves your automatic driveway gate, access control system or custom design.

Aaron Jungbluth, owner of J&J Gate Service and Design, along with his committed, trained and experience service technicians, fabricators and gate installation experts are proud of the work they do and strive every day to maintain a level of trust and reliability with every customer. Many of our customers have been with us for years and rely on us for simple gate maintenance, small repairs as well as custom design and fabrication of their own gate securty and access control. And reliability is why many of our customers continue to call us, whether its a small or large issue with their automatic gate functionality and perormance.

We treat every service call or diagnosis with a high level of priority. From the time we receive the call, to the scheduled appointment time, our customer service representatives will maintain communication with each customer to ensure our prompt attention, clear diagnostic explanation of any issues as well as presenting options on repair or replacement in our on-going service. As mentioned, many service calls can be completed in the same day. If however, replacement parts are needed, we will make sure that each customer has all the information on hand to make the right decision for their automatic gate, including upgrading or increasing the capabilities of the overall gate operation, such as remote or access control, back up power supply or customized gate design or operation updates.

Call us at J&J Gate Service today and find out why customers all over Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas depend on us as their reliable automatic gate service AND repair source for their home and office.

What happened to my automatic gate?

If you’ve owned an automatic gate for any amount of time, you’ll know that it lets a workout day in and day out. You depend on your automatic gate every day to operate smoothly, efficiently and be reliable. However, there may be a time time that your gate may not operate as it should and then you really understand how much you depend on it and are in need of a source for reliable automatic gate repair, service or design. And that’s where J&J Gate Service and Design can help you.

J&J Gate Service and Design is locally owned and operated in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, and are experts in residential and commercial gate service, custom design and any and all repairs or maintenance. Rest assured, the trained and reliable gate technician can quickly diagnose any problem areas or needed maintenance and most times, the service can be reapaired in the same day. If replacement parts are needed, we can get your swing gate, sliding gate, or cantilever gate back up and running as soon as possible.

We deal with every type of repair imaginable, from opener repairs or replacements, broken welds on gates, loose chain on slide gates, problems with hand-held transmitters and access control issues, control box shortages, keypad outages or remote problems and even damaged gates or openers. We’ve seen it all and are experienced in solving the problem quickly and efficiently on most any automatic gate repair need.

We do our best every day to earn the trust of homeowners and businesses throughout Dallas and Fort Worth by providing a high level quality of work, communication, service and pricing, on every service call.

We invite you to contact us at J&J Gate Service and Design if you have an automatic gate repair or service need. We offer FREE estimates on custom design or service every day.