Choosing YOUR Custom Residential Gate Design

J&J Gates Service and Design can provide ideas and customized solutions from a variety of gate styles for your home. We can even enhance and customize from basic wrought iron driveway gates to fit your property’s style and personal taste. For example, there are three typical wrought iron gate styles, arched gates, bell gates and flat top gates. The name describes the overall shape and style. Arched gates tend to have a subtle and sloping arch on top. Bell gates provide a bell-shaped curve on top, much like a French door. And flat top gates keep a simple and clean straight line at the top and are often used in many commercial and business gate designs.

Choose your materials

Most of our custom-designed gates can be made out of wood, steel, aluminum or iron as well as several other types of materials and combinations. Depdending upon your home’s style, landscaping or materials used, we can provide a customized gate design to enhance your property’s curb appeal. In addition to material selection, we will also discuss with you colors, tones and the different textures that multiple materials provide.

Gate Operations

In addition to designing your gate, we also discuss the varying options of operations including the way your gate opens and closes. From single swinging gates to simultaneous double swinging gates and sliding gates, choosing the appropriate accessibility and functionality is as much apart of the gate design as it interacts with the physical aspects of you home’s driveway and landscaping.

Gate Access Systems

Finally, as part of the gate design system for your home, we discuss with you tye type of motors and control systems and accessibility to make sure your gate design operate in a manner that you want. This includes choosing how you want to operate your gate’s motor whether from remote control, button or voice activation and whether you are inside your home and to allow guests within your property. Our staff seeks to provide you the options and expertise to make improve your home’s accessibility and beauty in every part of your residential gate design

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