Gate Access SystemsMarch 13th, 2016

Gate access systems have become more advanced in the recent years thanks to the modern technology. There are different types of controls in the market that enhance the way our automatic gates work. Here is a look at some that ensure high security at the gate.

Magnetic Card Reader

In this case, the automatic gate will open quicker when the pre-issued card is held against the card reader. This is one of the most effective access systems for a relatively large number of people or vehicles since it is relatively simple and responds faster than other systems.

Induction Loop Detector

This type of a system uses a cable loop to open the automatic gate. The loop underneath the road surface produces a magnetic field which changes when a vehicle passes over it. This movement activates a signal which then opens the gate.

Number Plate Recognition

This system is one of the best systems where there is a high security application since it only recognizes number plates that have been entered into the software on the PC. The access system will also have a remote push button for security personnel to let in vehicles whose number plates are not recognized.

Digital Keypad

Both pedestrians and vehicles will find digital keypads an ideal solution. The automatic gate will only open when a pre-determined four digit code is keyed-in. This access system will always have an override such as remote push button.

Local or Remote Push Button

This is arguably the simplest access systems for automatic gates. This in most cases is used with other systems. This then allows other systems to be overridden when necessary like allowing visitors to enter when the staff open the gates through another system like the digital keypad.

Audio and/or CCTV Remote Control

This system works with the push button system to guarantee access. This is commonly used where the control of the gate is in a remote location. When the vehicle or the person approaches the gate, the security personnel can either allow or deny access through an audio or video obtained through the CCTV.

Key Switch

This is a modification of the old key access system only that the selected personnel with the key will have to insert it in order to activate a local or remote push button. This system is commonly used in premises that don’t except a larger group of visitors. It is mainly for staffs only.

Radio Remote Control

This is one of the simple and most effective ways of making sure your automatic gate has tight access control system. The system also comes with a further option of being able to operate a handheld device from the vehicle. What the system uses is an approved VHF radio frequency with an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres.

Proximity Detectors This is a modern access control system but would only be appropriate if the security application is low. This system allows the gate to open whenever there is a movement at a certain point. The proximity detector is commonly used in premises that only allows staff.