Upgrade Your Home’s Gate Opener or Operator – Dependable Home AccessApril 15th, 2018

If you’ve become accustomed to the a certain amount of control and access to your home for security and safety reasons, then you know how much you depend upon your gate operator or gate opener. You and your family depend on daily use day after day and year after year. However, after years of use, it may be time to look at upgrading your home’s gate operator and taking advantage of today’s connectivity features and safety controls. From sliding gates to swing gates, J&J Gate Service and Design has a variety of gate operator options and access control systems that fit your family and home’s needs.

Today’s new residential gate operator packages offer new built-in smart phone controls including the ability to open and close your gate from anywhere, even control your home’s lighting from a smartphone, tablet or computer. New access control safety features provide solid, vandal-resistant backlit enclosures to protect from unwanted entry along with anti-tamper alerts and alarms that are triggered upon tampering with the device.

When it comes to sustainable power, almost every gate operator and access control package comes with back-up power capability along with reliable solar power system, great for rural applications, but are a reliable feature for any home to make sure you have power you can rely on. Aditionally, the U.S. Federal Government is still offering financial credit to homeowners that take advantage of the solar powered access control systems which can equal up to 40% off the installed cost of their system. Ask one of our trained technicians for more details about the equipment and cost of installation that you can receive in tax credits.

It’s true, we depend upon our gate system every day. It’s time to talk with J&J Gates Service and Design today about how we can increase your home’s safety, security and gate opener reliability today.

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