Reliable Gate Repair Dallas | J&J Automatic Gate RepairJune 3rd, 2019

Ever wonder why your automatic driveway gate stopped working?

*We receive that question multiple times each day, and our service technicians are ready with practical answers to your questions. *

There are a variety of issues that can cause your automatic/driveway gate to not work properly. From disconnected power sources, worn out fuses on the control board, mechanical failure, excess debris in the slides or swing gate radius or simply wear and tear over the years. And while your automatic gate normally requires the minimal operating expense, they do require service or fixes at some point to ensure you receive reliable service from your home investment.

Many times a week, our gate repair customers have trouble with their automatic driveway gates, that can be serviced and repair on-site within a few hours at most. Our experienced and trained gate service technicians bring with them many of the common tools and parts, and after a quick diagnosis and a no-obligation cost estimate, we can have your automatic gate back in smooth operation the same day.

In the event we need to order special parts for replacement, we will provide an estimated time of delivery and scheduled follow up to return and install the new part to complete your gate repair service. Our customer support specialists will communicate with you about any follow-up service and plan for a time that is convenient for you.

So, when it is a good time to have your gate serviced?

Early detection is key. If you notice any of the following issues with your automatic driveway gate, it’s a good time to talk with one of our service technicians to possibly prevent a future repair issue.

  • If you have a sliding gate, and the chain is loose and/or touching the ground.
  • If your single or double swing gate starts to slam into the steel post when closing.
  • If you hear a grinding or screeching noise during the opening and closing cycle.
  • If you notice your electric gate movement slows down during the opening or closing cycle.
  • And, if you notice any “odd behavior” regarding power or operation of the gate.
  • Any of the above issues can be a precursor to more severe problems and more costly repairs later on. Similar to preventative medicine, it’s good to catch an operation problem early.

If you are a homeowner or business owner and in need of gate repair in Dallas, contact J&J Gates today and schedule a visit for gate repair, service, and installation throughout the Dallas area.