Gate Brands We Service and Install

J & J Gates Service and Design install and repairs all major gate brands. Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Elite, FAAC, Apollo, BFT, Eagle GTO, NICE–you name it, we do it. Not all gate service companies will work on gates they don’t install themselves. But we do. Your home will look gorgeous when one of the leading gate brands protect it. While gates work well for decorating your home, they’re not only for affluent homeowners. Leading gate brands also have products for budget-conscious customers who focus on the necessities. Contact J&J Gate Service at 817-466-2794 to learn about the various gate brands we service and install in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.


All-O-Matic takes testing their gates and gate operators seriously, like no other company in the business. You never have to worry when you install All-O-Matic gates! Their operators function well on the tallest, longest, and heaviest gates around. And the company puts an intense focus on safety. In the rare event, something goes wrong with one of their gate operators, you have a strong warranty that protects you. But in most cases, All-O-Matic gates last decades with almost no issues.

Chamberlain Elite

Elite is one of the leading brands of all gate operators. And like other popular gate operator brands, they’re owned by the Chamberlain Group. One thing you’ll love about Elite–they have lengthy warranties on their products (these warranties aren’t usually necessary because the quality of their products is so high). One of the largest manufacturers in the industry, Elite makes gates and gate operators for all functions – high traffic, low traffic, residential, commercial, decorative, or even traffic control. You won’t go wrong when buying Chamberlain Elite Gates.

DC Solutions

DC Solutions gates specialties include making a barrier, swing, and slide gate operators for business and home use. They’re now owned by the Chamberlain Group, who also owns Liftmaster. DC Solutions’ product line is among the most reliable and highest quality in the industry. And in the rare situation where something goes wrong, they have excellent customer service. Their most popular products include the Mega Slide, Mega SlideX, Mega Swing, Mega Arm, and Mega Arm Sprint. Their products include:

  • Strong resistance to corrosion
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Operate well for a long time.

Eagle Gate Operators

You can get many types of gate operators with Eagle. Residential, commercial, and industrial options are available. The company’s the inventor of the “Diamond Control Board,” the most versatile of its kind you can get. They offer an exceptional warranty – 5 years minimum for all models. And 7 years for any commercial models put in use for residential purposes. Eagle Gate Operators are committed to constant innovation and employs a staff especially dedicated to doing so. Any of Eagle Gate Operators gates you choose is an excellent choice–you can’t possibly go wrong!

Elite Gate Operators

Elite isn’t bragging with their company name – they really do offer some of the best gate operators you can get. They’re easy to maintain (requiring almost no maintenance), have an extended warranty, are quiet and fast, and they last for decades in many cases. You’ll pay up front, but the cost compared to other brands is more than worth it over the years. By the end of the Elite Gate operator’s and the gates’ life, they’ll have more than paid for themselves. They are one of the best investments your home or business can make if you must have gates.

EMX Industrial Solutions

EMX specializes in making innovative access controls for gates. One of their more recent inventions is the ULT-PLG universal loop detector for gate operators. It has a unique feature, called “detect-on-stop” (the detector only recognizes vehicles that come to a complete stop on top of it). So if you have a lot of moving cross traffic in a tight space, it ignores that and focuses on stopped traffic only. It’s cost-effective and easy to install. EMX Industrial Solutions gates, sensors, and access controls often make a good gate even better. J & J Gate Service recommends many of their products, including this one, in their appropriate situations.


Liftmaster is known for their awesome garage doors, but they make great gates too. Their gates can be made especially for your home or rural applications. You can go high-end and even talk to your visitors and allow them access through your smartphone (with select gate operators). They can also come with a solar option, which is among the most efficient available in the market. Their powerful P3 motors ensure your door or gate opens quickly and safely every single time. And their durable battery backup has one of the longest standby times you can find.


Linear gates and operators get made for the entire range of purposes – light residential use at a single-family home, to heavy commercial use at a highly-trafficked company. You won’t see the name “Linear” much anymore – they’re rebranding to “Nortek Security & Control.” But you can still expect the same impressive product quality. You’ll get everything you want in a gate – quiet, speedy operation, and secure and advanced controls for maximum functionality. You definitely can’t go wrong with Linear gates.


OSCO gates have now joined with the Linear brand, but they’re still among the very best in the industry. They make gate operators for swing, slide, and barrier gates. That means they cover almost every application necessary. And since they’ve joined with another company, they can now offer you stellar customer service when you need it. One of their key benefits is you can tune their gate operators with remarkable precision few others can match. And they run on all power sources – AC, DC, and solar. OSCO gates always give you great value.


You can count on quality with Sentex gates and gate operators. They’re prepared to handle low traffic situations in single-family homes and high-traffic ones at busy companies and manufacturers. Their gates open and close correctly for years – including days and nights. Look out – their gate operators have such smooth, graceful, and reliable operation that neighbors sometimes get jealous! And if you own a business, you’ll impress your customers that much more. Contact us today at 817-466-2794 to install your Sentex gates.

US Automatic

US Automatic gates are designed to be high-quality, while also drawing low amounts of power. The control boards their gates have come with microprocessors, which means they can offer you many new features and installation choices. Even though they’re low power, their gate operators swing open fast. Their “Ranger” series of operators, which operate on a 6-watt solar panel, can perform up to 65 cycles per day. That’s more than enough for any homeowner and would serve many businesses well. The “Patriot” series can use AC or solar power and comes with the benefit of a 5-year control board/3-year all other components warranty. You’re always making a smart choice when you go with US Automatic gates.


Viking gate operators and gates are one of the best values in the industry. You won’t pay as much as you would for leading brands, and Viking gate operates and gates last reasonably long. If you choose to do your own maintenance, they have great customer service. And just like you expect with other gates and gate operators, they’re quiet and fast. They require little maintenance long-term. So for budget-conscious homeowners and businesses who want a great deal, they make for the perfect solution!