Cost-Effective Aluminum Gates for Dallas, Arlington, & Fort Worth Businesses

Aluminum gates have gained a ton of popularity in the commercial market for some time now. Why do businesses love them so much?

Here's what makes them so attractive:

  • Low installation and overall lifetime costs
  • Lighter weight, which makes it easier to open
  • Corrosion and rust-proof
  • Require the least maintenance of all types of commercial gates
  • Fast installation time

Part of what reduces the maintenance of these gates is that aluminum is a light metal. This puts much less strain on the mechanical operator, which in turn reduces the amount of maintenance needed on the operator. In addition, since these gates are corrosion and rust-proof (unlike wrought iron gates), they don’t require fresh coats of paint.

Aluminum gates control access to and secure your company property just as well as any other gate. And they do so without sacrificing any of the beauty or design quality you can get with any other type of security gate. Aluminum easily shapes and molds the way you want, and you can get it in practically any color you want.

For these reasons, aluminum gates make a lot of sense when Dallas/Fort Worth businesses analyze their options.

Why Choose J&J Gates To Install Your Commercial Gates?

Easy, and that’s because of our demonstrated successful experience. We have more than a decade of experience installing every type of commercial security gate you can imagine, including aluminum gates.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Google Reviews. We have a 4.6-star rating on 50 reviews, which you only find with among the best businesses in any niche. You’ll see the same on Yelp. And look us up on the BBB. You’ll find positive reviews from many customers.

If you happen to have something not go quite right, then we always do what it takes to make it right.

Finally, we’ve also acquired a new CAD software system that allows us to create a picture of your commercial gate showing exactly how it will look upon installation. This gives you the opportunity to offer your feedback and customize your gate exactly the way you want. It also eliminates confusion and miscommunication, which means you have less stress.

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Questions Dallas/Fort Worth & Arlington Business Owners Ask About Aluminum Gates

Learn more about aluminum gates and why businesses throughout Tarrant County love them so much:

How Does Maintaining Aluminum Gates Compare to Other Material Types?

Aluminum gates require almost no maintenance whatsoever. Aluminum doesn’t contain iron or steel so it doesn’t rust as wrought iron gates do. In most cases, it won’t require any repainting at all.

Wood eventually rots and requires frequent repainting. It by far needs the most maintenance out of any material type. Hot temperatures and large amounts of sunlight cause plastic to crack and splinter.

Galvanized finishes do reduce the amount of maintenance needed with steel. But welded corners are prone to frequent failure and repair over the long-term.

Why Doesn’t Aluminum Rust?

This is because aluminum gates have protection from a thin layer of aluminum oxide. When aluminum oxide comes into contact with water, this shifts the molecules apart from each other by about 50% more than before. This makes aluminum unable to react with water or oxygen, which means they don’t rust.

For you, that means your aluminum gates keep their beauty for years to come.

What Maintenance Do Aluminum Gates Need?

While not entirely maintenance-free, aluminum gates do require a minimal amount of upkeep. But you can relax because all you’ll typically need to do is have a bucket of soapy water, a hose, and a scrubbing brush available. In most cases, that’s all the equipment you’ll ever need to keep your commercial security gate in tip-top condition.

Why Do Aluminum Gates Last So Long?

There are many answers to this question. You’ve already learned a few. But let’s go into this a little further to deepen your understanding and remove any doubt you may have about the longevity of aluminum gates.

First, understand that aluminum is light-weight metal. You know what aluminum can feels like. You can easily crush it with your foot. Those cans used to be made out of steel. And it would hurt your foot to crush them!

Since aluminum is so lightweight, that puts much less stress on a mechanical gate operator. Aluminum is around 2.5 times lighter than iron. This greatly reduces required maintenance.

Also because of the lighter weight of the aluminum gates, that requires less power from the gate operator. With less work and power required, that increases the life of the gate operator.

For you, this also means a lower electricity bill and less impact on the environment.

In What Other Ways Do Aluminum Gates Require Less Maintenance?

The moving parts in aluminum gates do not have the same need for lubrication that the parts in iron gates require. Practically speaking, this means you have far fewer issues with tracks being jammed up with grease or oil or having a motor out of service due to working harder because of those lubrication issues.

What Makes Aluminum Gates Faster and Easier to Install?

When you have gates made from heavier materials (like iron), it takes more time to engineer the framework supporting the gate. This requires less time and work on our part, which makes the installation process much faster.

Do You Sacrifice Any Security With Aluminum Gates?

No. Because of their lighter material, it may seem as though aluminum gates do not offer the same amount of security as wrought iron gates. However, you can easily bulk up the security of aluminum gates. Your gates can include solid aluminum rods inside. And you can also get aluminum that’s ½” – ¾” thick, which is much thicker than normal.

This does add a little bit to your cost, but aluminum gates still remain the most cost-effective option for Tarrant County businesses. This also makes your gate weigh a little bit more, but it still doesn’t come nearly as close to being as heavy as iron.

Do You Sacrifice Any Design Options with Aluminum Gates?

No. While aluminum gates absolutely reduce your installation costs, they don’t sacrifice when it comes to beauty. After thinking about the aluminum gates you’ve seen over the years, you may not necessarily agree at first.

However, aluminum security gates can come in many colors, finishes, styles. You can even get the spear tips just like you see on wrought iron gates. You can get aluminum gates in green, brown, white, bronze, black, and any other color you can imagine.

Since aluminum is so lightweight and more flexible than other materials, it works well if you want to create a unique shape or have an original surface texture. Plus, this flexibility also means you don’t get cracks or distortions when shaping aluminum.

What Other Benefits Do Aluminum Gates Have?

They still protect your commercial property just like any other gates do (but without the higher cost). Because of their lightness, if you should have a power outage, you could also manually open and close the gate in an emergency situation. You’ll still impress and attract customers because you can make aluminum gates look quite amazing.

What Are Some of the More Popular Aluminum Gate Styles?

Because we customize your aluminum security gate to your like, you can have whatever style you want. But, you might not even know where to start. Customers like swinging and sliding gates. Some look like aluminum gates that look like wrought iron. Others have a single arch. And still others have a double arch.

Black tends to be the most popular color. White and brown are also common. Since you can do anything you want with J&J Gates, feel free to ask about some of our past projects or ask for our ideas of what you could do. We have a CAD system (software design) that allows us to create a drawing of your gate and what it will look like when installed in your home, which makes customization easy and stress-free.

How Does J&J Gates Ensure You Get a Gate That Makes You Happy?

Well, we’ve always focused on service and doing what’s right for you. Previously, that might have meant a lot of back-and-forth with sketches.

But now we’ve found a better way to bring the exact gate you want to live: CAD. CAD, or “Computer-Aided Design,” is simply computer software that allows us to draw a picture of what your gate will look like when installed.

You’ll get the picture by email. Then you can make any changes you want. Our designer may also suggest changes that you’ll like. Finally, you end up with the perfect gate for your company, without many of the stressors and hassles you might experience with other gate installation services.

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