Commercial Gate Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Do you need a gate installed for your commercial property? Commercial gates help provide the security you need by limiting vehicle and foot traffic to designated areas and protect against damage to storefronts, doors, and windows. You can use them at warehouses, commercial office buildings, retail centers, and manufacturing facilities. Call J & J Gates Service and Design at (817) 466-2794 for commercial gate services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. In addition to helping you select the best commercial gate for your Dallas-Fort Worth business, our expert staff will also work with you to resolve any operational or maintenance issues that may arise. BENEFITS


Security may be the primary reason most companies buy gates, but don’t ignore the fact that they can also improve the appearance of your property as well as add value. Available in many designs, shapes, and sizes, commercial security gates play an integral role in achieving the look you are striving for.

Think of them as an additional marketing tool, much like the sign on your building. Let us help your Dallas-Fort Worth business find the right style and select the exact components needed for a successful application, including posts, hinges, and miscellaneous hardware. We will ensure they are professionally installed and in working order.


There are different types of entrance gates ranging from simple to elaborate. We can install barrier gates, traffic control gates, pedestrian gates and more. They can often be made fully functional using a simpler, lower-cost design. While we commonly make commercial gates out of steel, you might want to consider iron gates for their strength and beauty. In some cases, ornamental wrought iron gates can provide a classic or elegant look that is difficult to achieve with steel and other materials.


Automatic gates make life easier for everyone. Various combinations of keypads and remote controls allow authorized users to quickly and easily navigate through restricted areas. Additional resources include cameras, closed-circuit TV, and timers. Whether your gate is supplied and installed by us or someone else, it will require maintenance at some point in time, due to use and exposure to the elements. Call us for all of your commercial gate repair and maintenance in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX! Our trained staff is ready to provide the service you desire.

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Our commercial experts will help you select and install a gate that will promote the safety and operational efficiency of your Arlington or Dallas-Fort Worth business. Contact us today for a free estimate at (817) 466-2794. We look forward to providing you with top quality commercial gates in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.