Automatic Gate Openers & Repair

We have installed and repaired thousands of automatic gate operators in Arlington, TX and across the DFW metroplex. Experience has shown that in order for a property owner to get the most out of their gate, they must have a dependable, efficient gate automation system. For a reliable automated gate system, call J&J Gates Service and Design today at (817) 466-2794.

Gate Access Systems

There are many different types of gate automation controls in use today. Some are very complex and require entry gate motors, and others are simple hinges. Gate access systems are used to open gates automatically and have several different mechanisms involved. One of these is the motor that allows the gate to open and close on its own. The other part of the system is the device that triggers the motor. This could be a remote control, a button, or a voice activation system. Such devices allow for gates to be controlled from inside the home or business, to let a guest in, or from the car, to let yourself in without having to get out of the vehicle and do it manually.

Sliding Gate Openers

Sliding gate operators use tracks, which slide them open automatically. These can be tough for individuals to repair or install on their own because they have many moving parts such as chains, wires, wheels, and motors that must all work in conjunction in order for them to function properly. We are capable of repairing these sliding gate systems quickly, competently, and affordable.

We Install & Repair All Gate Operators

We have years of experience with gates and the devices that automate them and can install them on new or existing gates which need to be modernized. We also have the ability to repair simple gate openers like hinges and tracks that are not as complex. Some of these devices are easier to replace, but for antique or custom gates, which do not have replacement parts available, they will need to be fixed by qualified professionals in order for them to function properly.

No matter what type of gate access system you have or need, we have the expertise required to install, service, and repair it. Give us a call today and we will have your gate working again in short order. We are centrally located in Arlington and service the entire Dallas & Fort Worth metroplex. Give us a call today for a free estimate (817) 466-2794.