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At J&J Gates Service and Design, we install custom gates in Fort Worth, TX for both residential and commercial properties. Should you have a gate installed on your property? These are some of the benefits of automatic gates:

  • Increase your property value - Not every house has a security gate. In fact, few do. You’ll get some nice equity and a better resale value if you ever want to sell and move.
  • More privacy - Automatic driveway gates can have poles which allow you and visitors to easily see through. But, you can also get solid ones to increase your privacy.
  • Much more security - How did you stop people from walking on your lawn in the past? With a security gate, no one can just walk onto or enter your property on a whim.
  • Little maintenance - Out of all the things you do to make your home look nice, security gates require some of the least maintenance. If you have mechanical knowledge, moving parts should be lubricated. If you don’t, you should at least clean the gate itself with household cleaners. You can always hire a gate repair professional to do the work for you.
Why Hire J&J to Install or Repair Your Automatic Gate?

For starters, other companies perform the same service as we do, but usually, they contract the work to us. That’s because automatic driveway gate repair and installation is all we do! We also have an A+ rating from the BBB you can check here for yourself. It’s our goal to make sure you get the perfect security gate style for your home and property. And most installations are finished in a week or two. Personal service? Proven track-record? Speedy installation? Check. Check. And check.

And make sure you talk to us in person. You’ll love our friendly, down-to-earth approach. You’ll realize we can walk you through the entire gate installation process so you get a gate that amazes you and your neighbors. And you’ll love the fact that you don’t face any intense sales pressure.

Just call (817)-466-2794 or contact us online to get your free quote today.

Got Gate Questions? We Have Answers!

1.What if the power goes out? How will I open my gate?

Good question. Don’t worry because you’re not stuck inside or outside your property. Your gate can be installed with backup battery power for situations like this. Other means of an emergency bypass, like a manual opening, can also be installed. It depends on your preferences and budget.

2. What do most Fort Worth homeowners overlook when they consider their gate?

Much of it revolves around how other people will gain access to your property. For example, what if you need a delivery done, someone to do a repair on your home or property, or a monthly meter reading from the utility company?

Don’t forget, you may also get a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance with your gate, depending on the company and your policy. And you may also have to pay some additional insurance premiums for coverage to damage on your automatic driveway gate.

3. How long does it take my gate to open?

If it slides, you’re looking at about 1 foot per second, times the length of your sliding gate (10 – 20 feet usually). If it swings open, that’ll be much faster and around just a few seconds or so.

4. How much maintenance do I have to do?

Not a ton, but automatic driveway gates do have a little maintenance. Some of it involves lubricating the parts so they don’t get damaged and worn as easily. Electronics need to be kept clear of pests and their nests, and spider webs.

Higher-end gates actually require lesser maintenance than cheaper ones. They can have sealed bearing hinges, which are maintenance-free. However, even these gates need at least a yearly look from a professional.

Need help deciding?

Have more questions on driveway gates? Call our friendly professionals at(817)-466-2794 or contact us online.