Maintenance Tips for Your Automatic GateJuly 2nd, 2019

You’ve gotten a million compliments since you got your automatic gate installed. Keep it looking and operating its best with these regular maintenance tips.

Clean It Up

Keeping your gate clean is the first step to keeping it great. A water hose will do the trick in most cases, and a coat of wax every now and then will help protect your gate from the weather and the sun between washes.

Get it Greasy

As with anything that has moving parts, your gate needs to be lubricated every now and then to keep away squeaks and rust. Your hinges should be greased generously through the grease joint to keep it swinging smoothly and to keep the motor from having to over work. Chains will also need to be greased to prevent catching and debris buildup within the links.

Check Inside

Inside the mechanical box of your automatic gate is ideal for insects and even birds and small animals to nest. This may seem innocent, but the debris from these visitors can cause your system to short or seriously malfunction. Therefore, it’s important to clean out your mechanical box and make sure it seals well. This will help prevent guests, water damage, and debris buildup.

You are proud of your new automatic gate, and you should be. Keep it as beautiful as they day it was installed and save money on eventual repairs with these three simple steps. If your automatic gate does need repairs, call the experts at J & J Automatic gate service to help get your gate working perfectly again.