Is Your Security Gate Really Safe?April 15th, 2018

Have you ever heard something referred to as having a “false sense of security?”

How do you know if that describes your security gate or not?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy to find out on your own.

But remember, you don’t have to do this test if you don’t feel comfortable. You can always contact a professional instead.

Here’s what to test, and how to do it:

Block the Photo Eye with a Stick

You do this while the gate closes. Just take a dense, opaque object, like a piece of wood (about 2 feet in length and 4” x 4” or smaller), and put it in the path of the photo eye.

If the photo eye works properly, it should sense the blockage and stop your gate operator from closing your gate.

Caution: Do not place overly large objects or use anything valuable to block the photo eye. If it isn’t working, your gate closes on the object and damages both the object and your gate.

Park Your Car on the Vehicle Detector Loop

Your security gate may or may not have this loop. You can find it by looking for the sensors in the pavement in front of your gate.

Caution: While you must park on your gate’s sensors, do not actually block the path of the gate. If the loop’s not working, the gate closes on your vehicle and damages it.

Make sure the gate is open. Park on the sensors, but without blocking the gate. Try to close it.

If it closes, even though you’ve parked on the sensors, you need a repair.

Let the Gate Hit a Small Object

Your gate may have sensors that tell it when it hits an object. When that happens, your gate should refrain from closing and instead return to the open position.

You can use a small stick, about 2 feet long or so (the same one you used for test #1), to do the test. If your gate hits the stick, you may have a bad sensor and need a repair.

Caution: If you don’t know if your gate has this kind of sensor, just call your gate repair professional to have them perform the evaluation.

Did Something Go Wrong?

If your gate fails any of the above tests, it’s important to have the appropriate repairs performed right away. You don’t want anyone getting hurt or any vehicles experiencing damage.

If you aren’t comfortable doing the tests on your own and want a qualified professional to make sure your security gate actually is safe, just call us at 817-466-2794 or contact us online