Selecting the Proper Access SystemMarch 17th, 2016

When you choose an automatic gate, the access system plays an essential role in the operation and functioning of the system. Automatic gates are used for security purposes and effectively limit access into a given area, whether it is a single home, gated community or a business.

The Parts of an Automatic Gate

There are two major components required for automatic gates. Those components are the gate itself and the gate opener. The gate itself is what blocks the gate opening. The gate opener is a machine that opens and closes the gate itself.

Kinds of Automatic Gates

Not all automatic gates are the same. There are actually seven different kinds of automatic gates, all of which require access systems to operate them. Each of these gates have their own advantages and different features.

Slide Gate – Most often selected for commercial structures, these gates slide horizontally in a back and forth motion across the entrance.

*Cantilever Gate *– While the cantilever gate is made much like the automatic slide gate, it doesn’t require rollers to slide across the ground as a form of support. Instead, it has rails that are placed along the fence structure’s interior.

Swing Gate – With hinges placed on one side, these gates operate like a door that swings open and closed.

Vertical Lift Gate – These gates move down or up in a vertical direction above the gate opening. This gate has to be lifted up high so vehicles can pass underneath it.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gate – Vertical lift gates that pivot actually lift in and out of the opening. They are supported completely by the gate access system itself.

*Bi-Folding Gate *– These gates consist of a pair of panels that are hooked together. As they activate the access system, these panels will fold back in order to allow entry. This design is a good gate for limited space because it does not require a lot of room.

Barrier Arm Gate – A barrier arm gate has an arm that rotates itself in and out of the gate opening. This kind of gate can control vehicles, but not pedestrians. These are often used in parking garages or parking lots.

The Details Regarding Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can weigh as much as 20,000 pounds and can travel as quickly as 36 inches per second. These gates require professional installation and routine maintenance because of their size and structure. Automatic gates are large and have the potential to cause injury, death or property damage.

The gate’s access system must be adequate for the gate. You need to get a mechanical operating system that has the capability to lift and lower the gate time and time again. Consider the size and weight of the gate, making sure you get an access system that can handle the particular gate.

Different gates and varying applications require different speeds and varying opening and closing systems. So considering all of the gate’s features, its size, weight and operation, you need to ensure that you select the right access system for the gate that you will be using.

When the right gate is selected and properly installed, you can get years of quality service from an automatic gate and its access system. The number of times a gate will open and close daily are known as the duty cycle. You need to make sure that you get a door and access system that are compatible with the duty cycle. Don’t add an access system to just any gate. Gate construction plays a major role in the long-term results so choose a gate that works well with the access system.