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Nothing brings to mind strength and durability quite like iron. Fences and gates made wrought-iron-gatefrom iron are elegant features of any home or business. One of the main benefits of iron fencing and gates is they are customizable. They can be used on property lines as perimeter fencing, around pools, gardens, and patios. Installing an iron fence gives home owners many options for decorating their exterior property in Arlington, Texas.

Durable Investment

It is extremely frustrating to buy a beautiful gate simply to have it ruined due to wear and tear or vandalism. Wrought iron gates are not only beautiful, but they are also very durable. Iron is one of the most long-lasting fencing materials available on the market today. These gates can be used in high traffic areas because they are made out of material that can withstand heavy use. Also, when a homeowner spends money on an ornamental iron gate, they do not have to worry that about their investment being damaged from normal use.


Most of the time, fences are put up for protection. An iron gate provides durable protection that is built to last for many generations. Iron bars used in fences are almost impossible for thieves and vandals to break. Commercial iron gate or fences allow business owners to keep on eye on what’s happening on the other side. Homeowners can see anyone who is right outside of their property. When fences are installed around pools, they can see if someone is near the water when they shouldn’t be. This provides protection for children, pets, and against trespassers.

Added Value to Property

Curb appeal is important in determining the monetary value of a home or building in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro. An ornamental iron gate or fence added to a property line instantly adds a look of elegance and sophistication. Even a simple design of a wrought iron gate can greatly enhance the look of a home or business. It also makes the property feel more spacious.

Iron Fencing and Landscaping

A home or business owner who invests in beautiful landscaping should consider an iron gate or fence. They offer almost impenetrable protection from large domestic animals and vandals. At the same time, it allows for the beauty of the landscape to be displayed. The iron bars provide a perfect support for garden vines to grow on.

Custom Designs

An ornamental iron gate or fence can often be customized to the owner’s specifications. Some gates have symbols or artistic designs that match the home or business’s exterior. Some gate designs contain decorative symbols that are meaningful to the owner. Wrought iron gates can be used on fences made from iron, wood, or other materials as well. The contrast of iron and wood make it a beautiful combination. Many people incorporate stones, brick, or concrete columns into their iron fence design. It is also possible to maintain some privacy with an iron fence. Some home or business owners choose to use iron bars and designs on only the top half of their fence.

We Install Wrought Iron Gates

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need a free estimate for installing a wrought iron gate or fence then contact us today.  Let our experienced team install an iron fence or gate that will last lifetime. J&J Garage and Gate is the leading commercial gate installers in the Arlington area.