21 Pros & Cons of Using Keypads and Remotes for Your GateDecember 11th, 2019

So you’re thinking of installing an automatic driveway gate…

That’s a fun and exciting time!

Besides the gate itself, you have to consider whether you’ll use a keypad, remote, or both to control it.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using either:


Keypad Pro: You can’t lose it. Keypad Pro: Secure – only you know the access code. Keypad Pro: It’s easy to use – just enter the code. Keypad Pro: Works as a great backup if you lose your remote. Keypad Pro: Low maintenance – just replace the battery. Keypad Pro: Great security – only you know the access code. Keypad Pro: It saves you a call to your security gate contractor if you can’t find your remote at the moment. Keypad Pro: It can be programmed to have a feature that allows you to make a distress call to police. Remote Pro: You can carry it with you anywhere. Remote Pro: It’s easy to use too – simply press the button. Remote Pro: Also low maintenance – again just replace the battery. Remote Pro: They’re generally very inexpensive to configure.


Keypad Con: You can forget the access code. Keypad Con: While they are secure, burglars still learn how to crack their codes and gain access to your property. Keypad Con: They cost more than remotes to install. Keypad Con: Someone could spy on you from across the street to steal your access code. Keypad Con: Inexpensive keypads lack many security features you need to protect your home (anti-hacking protection, for example) Remote Con: You can lose it. Remote Con: The batteries may need replacing eventually. Remote Con: Not as secure as keypads – anyone can use them if they have them. Remote Con: Kids like to play with – and lose – them. Well, that’s quite a list of pros and cons for keypads and remotes. It’s up to you to decide which works best for your home.