Custom Gates in Dallas-Fort Worth and Arlington, TX

custom gate constructionIf you are looking for some extra security for your residential or commercial property, J&J Gates can provide you with a custom built gate and professional installation. We offer gates services all over the DFW area with centrally located offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Burleson, TX. Give us a call today at 817-609-4829 to learn more about our gate designs and services. Here are some of the custom gate types we offer:

Security with Residential Gates

One of the most common uses of gates is for security. They keep unwanted visitors out, not only by blocking them from entering, but also by alerting them that there might be more security beyond that point as well. Research has shown that burglars are much more likely to move on to another house without even considering one that has a gate. Video and audio surveillance systems can also be attached to to allow the user to grant access once they have confirmed the identity of the person trying to enter.

Improves Safety

Besides keeping people out, they can also be used to keep them in. With a proper enclosure, children can be allowed to roam free without constant supervision. Also, pets can be kept in an enclosed area while still being able to get the exercise they need. We specialize in installing automatic driveway gates and fences for residences, so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe and secure.

Commercial Gates

Many commercial properties also use gates to restrict access, define boundaries, and enhance property appearance. The most common are sliding gates. This is because commercial properties often face busy roads, making it impossible for the gate to swing open. Because they get so much use, they often require maintenance and repair. A properly maintained gate will continue to work as intended and will remain looking great to positively reflect your company’s image.

Gate Services We Offer

Our company not only installs gates, but also offers gate servicing and repairs in Arlington, TX and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Adding a gate to your home or business can increase its value dramatically, especially for large properties. It can be hard to visualize the size of a property without an enclosure. Land that is surrounded by fencing and gates will allow appraisers and potential buyers to better understand what the property includes. Beautiful entry gates can also make for a grand entrance which may, in itself, raise the value of a home.

We service all types of gates including those that are simple, use high-tech devices, and even antique gates. Give us a call today at 817-609-4829 so we can provide you with a free estimate.