Gate Types

Entry Swing GatesYou can choose from many gate types. In fact, J&J Gates Service and Design custom install any type of gate you can imagine. Want to look strong and superior? How about looking exclusive? Or maybe you need a simple gate to protect your home. Whatever it is that you want or need, we can install all gate types. Maybe you need just a small gate to swing open and allow the right people access. Just contact us at for a wide selection of quality gates in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Materials and Uses

At J & J Gates Service and Design, we offer nearly endless options when it comes to gate design. We work with both prefabricated and custom-designed gates to meet your needs. Whether you are on a budget, focused on security, or want the most beautiful gate in the neighborhood, we can help you achieve your goals. We are happy to help you determine the right materials, size, and location of your gate to compliment your property. Give us a call at to learn more about the types of gates we offer, including:

  • Aluminum Gates: Aluminum gates have gained a ton of popularity in the commercial market for some time now. Why do businesses love them so much?
  • Chain Link Gates: Affordable and long-lasting, chain link gates are ideal for property owners focused on security. We install and repair chain link gates for homes and businesses.
  • Driveway Gates: Whether you want stunning or simple, driveway gates add value to your property as well as security. We offer many kinds of driveway gates in a variety of materials.
  • Estate Gates: From prefabricated to custom designs, estate gates can provide excellent security and privacy to your property. Talk to us about our wide selection today!
  • Pedestrian Gates: When you need a pedestrian gate installed in your courtyard, garden, or other areas, let our crew help you find the perfect solution. These walk-through gates provide convenience and security.
  • Security Gates: Used in both commercial and some residential settings, security gates offer the best in protection and peace of mind. You can count on our technicians to install your security gate with care and precision.
  • Wooden Gates: Whether you want a rustic ranch-style gate or an elegant wooden gate with iron accents, our crew does it all. If you want a custom wooden gate, talk to our designers about your options.
  • Wrought Iron Gates: Nothing says quality like a beautiful wrought iron gate at your entryway. J & J Gates Service and Design are proud to offer custom wrought iron gates in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Types of Operation

Do you want your gate to make a statement? Or do you need a basic gate system? No matter what you are looking for, our installers have an operation system perfect for you. We specialize in all types of gate operation and access systems so you can enjoy convenience and security. Our experts can also help you make the best decision based on your available space. Sliding gates, for example, require more space than swing gates. Contact us if you have questions about the types of gates we install:

  • Automatic Gates: Enjoy with convenient security that comes with an automatic gate system from J & J Gates Service and Design. Available in a variety of materials and operating systems.
  • Electric Gates: Choose J & J Gates Service and Design for electric gate installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We will ensure that your electric gate is working properly!
  • Sliding Gates: If you have plenty of space, a sliding gate is a reliable option for both residential and commercial properties. Choose from a variety of high-quality materials and operating systems.
  • Solar Gates: When you have plenty of sunlight and want to reduce electricity use, solar gates provide an excellent solution. These gate systems are popular where no tall buildings or trees are obstructing the sun.
  • Swing Gates: Elegant and functional, swing gates provide an extra level of class to any home. Choose from single swing gates or double swing gates as well as beautiful materials and access systems.

No matter what type of gate you need, make J & J Gates Service and Design your first choice. Call us at for the best selection of commercial and residential gate types in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.