Solar Gates in Arlington, TX

Looking for an automatic gate with little energy use? A solar gate might be exactly what you are looking for! Call J & J Gates and Design at (817) 466-2794 to learn more about our solar gate installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Benefits of Solar Powered Gates

Solar gates, or gates powered by solar gate openers, do exactly as you expect. Rather than using electricity and a hard-wired power line, they use the sun’s light to open your gate. You’ll save money on electricity since access to sunlight is completely free. By using a solar powered gate opener, you also reduce the impact you make on the environment. The costs for solar gates come down more every year, so they’re not as expensive as you might fear. All you need is about 8 hours of unobstructed light each day!

Extremely popular in more rural parts of Texas, solar powered gates are reliable and efficient. However, an overall trend is seeing even homes and businesses in cities opt for solar power. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there is frequent sun so you do not have to worry about replacing a battery often. If your gate will be located a significant distance from your home or business, solar gates can also provide a hassle-free system without the need for electricity. Just about anyone can benefit from a solar gate system, as long as you do not have trees or tall buildings obstructing the sunlight.

No matter what kind of gate system you need, solar gates are available in all styles, colors, and more. You can count on J & J Gates Service and Design for expert solar gate installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Call us today at (817)-466-2794 to learn more about our options and if a solar gate system would be compatible with your property.