Pedestrian Gates

Do you want a unique pedestrian gate to accent your fence? Looking for a company who can custom-build a pedestrian gate for your garden? J & J Gates Service and Design is here to help with all your gate needs! Call us at 817-466-2794 for pedestrian gate installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Types of Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are similar to width as the door in your home. If you’re a homeowner, you might use one to control access to important areas on your property such as the back yard, outdoor patio, swimming pool, or garden. Similarly, businesses may use pedestrian gates to secure an outdoor area where a door would not work. They might secure a courtyard, alleyway, work area, and more.

Pedestrian gates serve a mostly decorative purpose, as you can make them look wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that your neighbors might get a little jealous! But of course, they offer some security too. With J & J Gates Service and Design, your customization options have no limit. Our experienced professionals can help you come up with as many ideas as you want. From wrought iron to wood, arched to flat top, there are plenty of options to help you find the perfect pedestrian gate for your style and budget.

Outstanding Gate Installation and Repair

Do you need pedestrian gate repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX? In addition to installation, J & J Gates Service and Design are happy to repair any pedestrian gate, even if we did not install it. If a hinge is damaged or the materials deteriorating, just give us a call at 817-466-2794. Our experienced gate professionals will get your gate working again in no time.