Arlington, TX Automatic Gate Installation & Services

Our Arlington Location

J & J Gates Service And Design 2000 Camden Ct Arlington, TX 76013

J&J Automatic Gate Service & Design install your gate faster than any other similar contractor in Fort Worth. It’s partially because we’ve been doing this for more than a decade now. Other companies take weeks longer. Feel free to ask them their typical project length.

And it’s also because automatic driveway gates are all we do. When fencing contractors need a gate installed right and fast, they call us. When you have a lot of money invested in a project, you want it done right and on or ahead of time. And that’s always what you get.

Need ideas on what you can do? Don’t worry. Our professionals can show you dozens of projects done before and help you think through all your options.

Common Questions

1. What can I do to customize my gate?

With J&J, just about anything you want. We’ll take time to explore your needs and walk you through all your options. You can spend just a few thousand, or practically as much as you want, on your gate. The average customer spends around $10,000 or so. Some gates can cost more than $100,000.

2. Who do you install gates for?

Our typical customer is a homeowner with some cash saved for a project that makes them feel good. However, we serve all homeowners with practically any budget, and any kind of business in Burleson, TX too.

3. Do you install anything besides gates?

Honestly, we do very little outside of gate installation, repair, and maintenance. It’s that specialization that keeps the quality of your gate, and the service needed to install it, high.

4. Why Choose J&J Gate Services to Install Your New Gate?

We have excellent ratings you’ll find come from more than 10 years of experience in gate repair and installation. That means we know how to install your gate fast. The typical installation takes around a week or two, while competitors take 3-4, or even more. And, you’ll be involved in the process from day one so you get your custom gate exactly the way you want it.